Pablo Urdangarin: 10 things to know about the real celebon’s spontaneous portfolio

In the wake of the “interruption of the matrimonial relationship” by the child Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin, the second part of the couple has been the one that destroys the ascent with elegance, calm and naturalness

Spontaneous port of rupture

His applause and kindness led to the conquest of the rupture in the wake of the publication of Iñaki Urdangarin’s photos with Ainhoa ​​Armentia: “His things that pass. We want to be happy”. With his words, Pablo vined to confirm that the separation of his fathers, more than masking, was digesting.

Balloon player in the Barça

He made his debut on October 23 in the second balloon team of FC Barcelona on one of the last occasions when Iñaki Urdangarin and the Infanta Cristina were born. From the top grades of applause his three goals – one penalty – from the total of 39 of Barça against the 30 of Bada Huesca. Lleva el dorsal 77 (su padre lucía el 7) y también es zurdo.

He was enrolled in the EU Business School, a school for private business in Barcelona with the Empress course. Accompany the studios with their sports career.

Passing Passions in TikTok

With only the videos published on TikTok, the user ‘pablito.urdangito’, has more than 58,000 followers and the allusions. “When he’s a real family man and I’m a Republican” or “we all go through the same object”, you can read in the videos about Pablo that he publishes the ‘tiktokers’. Also maintains a discreet profile on Instagram, with a private account with only 12 posts and my followers.

Humor and public transport

Viral Convert video on TikTok of a chic home on the subway to sum up with a friend on his choreography from the spirit of enfrente al rhythm of ‘This an invitation to kiss my ass goodbye’, by Meghan Trainor. “When no one wants to make ‘tiktoks’ contigo, pero esos chicos del metro, sí”, rotularon ellas: Pablo Urdangarin, irreconocible in the video for the distance, identified himself in the comments and exclaimed: “¡Las hemos encontrado!”. A test of the loneliness of the Rey family’s sense of humor alone, as well as the use of public transport.

She was dating a classmate of Juliana, who published ‘Hello!’ His relationship is documented with pictures taken at the EU Business School.

Currently, it is the only member of the Urdangarin family residing in Barcelona, ​​born on December 6, 2000. It was not completed until 9 years ago when his family flew to Washington, Ginebra followed his international destination. Like the rest of his men, he studied at the Liceo Frances of Barcelona, ​​the Ecolint College in Switzerland and the elitist Liceo de Rochambeau of Washington. At its university stage, it regressed to the Catalan capital and, more specifically, to the Pedralbes barrier.

Contagious surfing passion

The images of Pablo surfing the vernacular in Bidart, located in Pais Vasco France where his father has been pillaged with Ainhoa ​​Armentia, has been linked to the transformation of the youth, following a gift that ultimately is useless. From 1.86 meters high and blue islands, it has a large physical appearance with its progenitor.

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Practice the ski, the vela and the taste salir a correr. In addition to the sports and social media, his posts include the piano and the Netflix series.

Octavo on the sucesoria line

Be the octave of the line of succession to the throne, beyond his mother and his German mayor, Juan Valentín, parish guarantees a mayor free movement. Hasta ahora.

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