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In full negotiations to renew the constitutional bodies pending changes, Pablo Casado has reached out to Pedro Sanchez to “widen the space of moderation” and “Make it so big that we both win.”

The president of the PP reaffirmed that the course he took in October to turn the center is the correct path and encouraged the Prime Minister not to shake the extremes and work together to make the center great: “I did my part, aware of its short-term cost, but knowing that Spain needs this project to overcome the fracture we are suffering. “

Pablo Casado started his speech by highlighting the resistance of democracy on February 23, 1981, and later felt like a proud heir to those politicians who worked together in the Transition for the good of Spain. “Forty years ago we shared the same banner in defense of democracy, freedom and the Constitution.” And he emphasized that he was also referring to the socialists: “I speak in plural “.

The leader of the PP made an effort to put the PSOE into the equation and invited him to bury the hatchet: “Let’s leave the nightmares behind to dream of the best Spain “. As an example he gave those who worked to transform Spain into a full democracy: “They were capable of unprecedented political, economic and social reforms that transformed the country.”

“A new beginning”

The term used by the opposition leader was “a new beginning” where the PSOE and PP work to “heal the wounds of the pandemic: the elderly, the young and women are the ones who have suffered the most from this crisis. You have to give opportunities to those who have become the new poor. ”

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Casado spoke of making a clean slate to “reverse the demographic winter” and “reduce school failure,” to “advance on the horizon of zero violence, zero additions in adolescents and zero loneliness in our elders. “Ultimately, the president of the PP extended his hand to the chief executive to build” shared goals.

In his speech in Congress, the president of the PP once again distanced himself from Vox: “We are pro-European and autonomous”, and stood up as the “sole counterweight “ that Pedro Sánchez has had in the autonomies where the conservatives rule.

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