Pablo Alborán, Edurne and Ana Guerra, among the celebrities who posed on the green carpet at the Dial Awards

The fairground of Santa Cruz of Tenerife hosted this Tuesday, November 23, the 2021 Dial Awards ceremony. Ana Guerra and Luis Larrodera they were in charge of presenting a gala full of music and celebrities who posed on the green carpet, as we collect in the gallery under these lines.

During the evening, broadcast live by Divinity, artists of the stature of Malú, David Bisbal, Ana Guerra, Vanesa Martín, India Martínez, Estopa, Álvaro Soler or Dvicio.

The winners

The winners of this year’s gala They were Pablo Alborán, Antonio Orozco, David Bisbal, Rozalén, Beret, Cepeda, Ana Guerra, David DeMaría, Vanesa Martín, Carlos Vives, Melendi and Malú.

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Also, Rapahel and Rosario were awarded for their respective career paths, while Camilo won the Latin Dial Award.

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