P13Fit, the method to get in shape by jumping rope

Among the images that we surely remember from when we were little singing the ‘cocherito leré’ and the mythical boxing training of Rocky Balboa there are innumerable differences, but also one thing in common: the jump rope.

Without emphasizing these two extremes, jumping rope is a fast and effective training for most people who want to do some kind of cardio and they don’t have much time or much material. Barely 10 minutes jumping and the fat drop is already sweating, the heart rate speeds up and muscles they get hot.

With social networks and the power of ‘tik tok’ profiles of jump rope ‘influencers’ have proliferated who share their strenuous workouts and dances with the rope and make the complicated steps look easy. Usually, trying to imitate them ends up costing a few lashes with the rope The Barça exporter Jose Manuel Pinto ‘Wahin’has been one of those public figures who has put the jump rope back at the top of fashion workouts with his P13Fit method in which he combines music with cardio.

Jump “factory”

The ex-soccer player from Cadiz has based the technique of his program on a simplification of the jump rope that ensures that we all “bring from the factory & rdquor ;. “It was very clear to me since I began to develop the method that with the typical boxer jump I was not going to get the attention of people who were not athletes, so after many attempts one day it occurred to me to give my son the rope and ask him to jump. That’s where I lit up. From the factory we come with a different jump. Two jumps per jump rope cycle& rdquor ;, explains the also singer. This is how the P13Fit method began to develop.

This double jump allows the sessions to be extended to the 55 minutes that the Pinto ‘Wahin’ method classes last. “For many people there is unlearn to jump to be able to learn to jump again. It happens with people who already usually do this exercise on a regular basis. At first it frustrates a little & rdquor ;, he assures, but the benefits are many. So much so that the method is already taught in centers throughout Spain and the United States. It was specifically in Miami, where the FCBarcelona exporter presented his idea to the creator of Zumba 8 years ago. “He insisted a lot that he should create a class concept for 45 minutes because otherwise it wouldn’t work and it took me a while to find him because he was used to jumping like when he trained and that wasn’t for everyone”, he explains.

The traditional jump is known for the high caloric expenditure it generates, in just 30 minutes you can burn, approximately, 400 calories, but it is also a good way to work coordinationthe capacity cardiovascularand the endurance. P13Fit takes all the good things of the traditional jump but with the addition that being simpler it can be adapted to the physical condition of each one. “In two classes that I have given in a row in the morning I have burned 2,400 kcal, which the clock has indicated,” explains Pinto. Adding up its calorie burning power to the fact that it happens to be a fun exercise and that keeps us focused trying to learn new steps or to coordinate with the music, it turns out to be a really complete and fun workout.

For all audiences

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“The jump rope is an accessory that I have used since I played soccer and I know that it is a perfect accessory for all sports and people & rdquor ;, says the creator of P13Fit. Although it may not seem like it, it is a training that can be adapted to people of different ages and with different physical states. “I have people in my classes who are over 65 at level 3 and advanced. You start from the basic level and it is with time and training that levels are advanced & rdquor ;, she explains. “Is a intense exercise, if it is not the one that is the one that burns the most calories. That makes many people afraid that it will hurt their knees and hips, but the double rebound greatly reduces the impact on the joints because the jump is cushioned & rdquor ;, he adds.

Despite being a way to get in shape with a almost zero cost, yes there are some details that must be taken into account to practice it comfortably. It is obviously important to have a good rope and good shoes. The footwear must be comfortable, made of soft rubber or one that cushions the jump a little, since all the weight of the body can become annoying as it is continually falling on the same joints. The camber should preferably be adjustable to height and level of each one since beyond the initial height, as it progresses in practice it tends to be shorter and more comfortable.

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