The CFDT and FO unions alerted, Monday, February 22, to “Malfunctions” in the payment of exceptional aid, intended for 400,000 precarious workers and having to guarantee them a monthly income of 900 euros net.

Announced for job seekers who have alternated periods of employment and unemployment in 2019, the CFDT notes, in a open letter to the general manager of Pôle emploi, Jean Bassères, that “Despite the alerts from compensation advisers on the risk of erroneous payments, it turns out that 40,000 job seekers have finally wrongly received all or part of this bonus”. An estimate that Pôle emploi has not confirmed.

Faced with these hiccups, the management of certain regions would have asked the advisers to recover the sums paid in error, according to the union. The latter asking “Solemnly not to make up for these overpayments” with people “Who are already experiencing significant financial difficulties”. In the same letter, the CFDT also notes that other job seekers did not receive exceptional assistance, although they could claim it.

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A “relatively minor” quack in the face of the 400,000 beneficiaries

In one separate release, Labor force “Calls for leniency from the Minister of Labor so that the ongoing procedures for overpayments are abandoned”. “The situation of these job seekers is already dramatic, it would be particularly inappropriate to overwhelm them even more”, adds the union.

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Pôle emploi automatically pays aid to job seekers who meet the criteria set by a decree of 30 December. The operator emphasizes, for his part, that certain files considered as overpayments may still be considered eligible after verification. He also indicates that, faced with the 400,000 beneficiaries of exceptional aid, the number of overpayments is “Relatively minor”. According to information from Parisian, in reality, 3 to 4% of the files could be the object of a regularization, that is to say approximately 15,000 people.

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Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne announced last week the extension of this aid for another three months until the end of May. The decision to request or not the reimbursement of overpayments is not the responsibility of Pôle emploi but is the responsibility of the executive.

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