Our world has collapsed: what are we becoming?

Since 2020, we have been wandering. Not only did it shake our Western values, but it turned us into orphans, literally and figuratively.

Our concept of freedom, morality, friendship, love, family, good and evil has been shattered.

Returned to ourselves, to our intuitions, to our personal limits, we swim in relativism. Everything is equal to everything. Any truth is liable to be a lie, and memory, namely the past, has become obsolete.

Some readers will stop reading the rest of this column, which they will describe as depressing. But let them know that among the dictators of the last hundred years who have dragged their countries into a hateful and concentration camp world, one is called Stalin and another, Putin. They kill the Light, the Hope, the Courage, these virtues which they apply to pound for their personal profit.

Soviet example

Stalin, described as the “little father of peoples”, first subjugated his own people before extending his tyrannical and murderous power to other countries in Eastern Europe. He was responsible for the famine in 1932 and 1933 which killed five million Soviets, including four million Ukrainians. Their “wrong” is that they refused the plan of collectivization and land expropriation that Stalin imposed on the country.

Putin does not shrink from any infamy. The latest is the attack on a maternity hospital in Ukraine. Like what he has already done in Syria, he wanted to kill the occupants of the building, because fear and terror are his favorite weapons.

How then can we understand that Trump saw “genius” in Putin’s strategy? In his own way, he violated the values ​​that the descendants of the Mayflower Pilgrims brought to his country and which enabled the United States to become the first great power in the world to practice democracy.

To this day, Donald Trump remains an unconditional admirer of Putin. He continues to pollute political life by repeating that his election was stolen. Moreover, he managed to retain the support of more than 45% of Americans, who believe in his populist rhetoric and who want him to return to power. Again this week, voices were heard saying that with Trump in power, Putin would be forced to abandon “his” war.

Clash of civilizations

Since the Second World War, we have never been exposed to such a clash of civilisations. Our Judeo-Christian culture has suffered the onslaught of modernity. Belief in God has receded and disbelief has continued to progress. But this explaining that, sects and their gurus of all kinds have swarmed. Hence our confusion and our powerlessness in the face of this catastrophe.

American conspiracy has crossed our border, without a passport, let us specify. This leaves Quebec, the last and fragile bulwark against Canadian communitarianism and vengeful Trumpism, with very little hope in its quest for meaning and benchmarks.

We are at the mercy of the delirium of Stalin’s emulator. Our neighbor to the south is turning in on itself, and Canada is led by a quasi-pacifist teenager. It is an understatement to say that our collective future is more uncertain than ever.

But we are historically survivors.


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