“Our patience is running out,” says Joe Biden to 80 million unvaccinated Americans

It was July 4, during the celebration of the declaration of independence of the United States: “Today, we are closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus”, the coronavirus, rejoiced President Joe Biden.

Two months later, at the end of the weekend of Labor Day which marks the American re-entry, it is a failure. The Delta variant is inflicting a new wave of contamination in the United States, which clutters hospitals and hinders economic recovery, while a quarter of the population has not received any vaccine injections. The daily toll has risen to 1,500 dead, up 30% over the past two weeks and 100,000 people are hospitalized because of the Covid-19.

“We have a tool to fight the virus”, Joe Biden said Thursday, September 9, in a lengthy televised address. “It will take some time”, he admitted understanding that some are “Annoyed” that 80 million Americans are still unvaccinated (175 million are completely) while the Pfizer vaccine was finally approved in August. “It is the pandemic of the unvaccinated”, accused the US president, while their hospitalization rate is seventeen times higher than that of vaccinated. “We have been patient, but our patience is running out. Your refusal has cost us all ”, He reproached them, citing occupied hospital beds to the detriment of other patients. America is cut in half, with rates ranging from just 40% in Mississippi, Alabama and Wyoming to over 70% in Washington DC, Rhode Island or Vermont.

To regain control, Joe Biden, who denounced the disinformation of antivax, signed a decree making vaccination compulsory for employees of the federal state and its subcontractors and that of public medical personnel. Companies with more than 100 employees urged to demand vaccination of their employees – as does Fox News, the conservative news channel that has continued to cast doubt on vaccines, the US president maliciously noted. -, or a weekly test.

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“It’s not a question of freedom or personal choice. It’s about protecting you and those around you… My role as president is to protect every American ”, said Joe Biden, whose decrees affect 100 million people. He also asked that a test or a vaccine be required during public meetings (sport, spectacle) and announced a doubling of fines in transport for not wearing a mask.

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