Our Mafia, by Emma Riverola

The gangster movies they have an irresistible aura. Those Sicilian atmospheres transplanted in New York, bloody massacres with the aroma of lasagna. But the truth is that there is nothing glamorous in the mafias, only misery and the enrichment of a few who feed on the misery of others. The family killed in the recent fire in Barcelona paid 700 euros to inhabit the premises. The occupation mafias control an increasingly growing market and constantly renew their strategies. From use families with children to delay evictions until real estate is converted in marijuana fields. The dead family did not have papers, they could not resort to the legal market. Mafias of occupation, prostitution, migration & mldr; Every space that institutional politics is unable to deal with for the benefit of the most vulnerable becomes territory for the mafias.

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What do the electoral polls? How is popularity evolving? Life on the margins does not give votes. Better shut up. Better to wait. It is our neglect, our hypocrisy, our inability to reach agreements that feed and give power to the mafias. They are ‘our mafias’. The ones who do our dirty work for us.


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