Our cinema will fuel heroines and tormented men

Over the next few months, Quebec cinema will be given a makeover and, hopefully, healthier, in theaters. By making a survey, we quickly realize how varied the works are in terms of styles and stories. Nevertheless, we can already observe the lines of force. Thus, the 2021 vintage will highlight many heroines and visit a whole lot of men in various torment.

Both faithful and personal adaptation of Louis Hémon’s novel by Sébastien Pilot, Maria Chapdelaine will launch the autumnal ball against the backdrop of magnificent images by Michel La Veaux. Sara Montpetit embodies the famous local heroine, this young girl from Péribonka who, over the course of a few seasons rich in learning, becomes a young woman. In the filmmaker’s vision, it is a rough poetry that wins out over sentimentalism. Also with Hélène Florent, Sébastien Ricard, Émile Schneider, Antoine Olivier Pilon and Robert Naylor. September 24.

Far from this Quebec of long ago, Bootlegger, from Caroline Monnet, takes place nowadays in a community in the north of the province. The film focuses on Mani (Devery Jacobs), a student from Montreal who returns to the fold to get involved in a referendum on the free sale of alcohol in the territory that divides her family. This, to the chagrin of a local trafficker. With Pascale Bussières, Brigitte Poupart, Samian and Joséphine Bacon. October 15.

In The Time Harvester, from Francis Leclerc, according to a story by Fred Pellerin, we will be entitled to a formerly imbued with fantasy. Narrated by Pellerin himself, the film is built around a grandmother who remembers, and in doing so, tells her grandson, an episode from her early youth where she took it upon herself to defeat Death. Large distribution: Marc Messier, Michèle Deslauriers, Jade Charbonneau, Pier-Luc Funk, Geneviève Schmidt, Céline Bonnier, Émile Proulx-Cloutier… November 19.

Men in crisis and in search

On the masculine side, we expect something not magical, but unusual, all full with The contemplation of the mystery, d’Albéric Aurtenèche, intriguing title if there is one. We follow a young man a little lost (Emmanuel Schwartz), who, after taking possession of the land of his late father, goes from surprise to surprise with the locals. October 22.

On the other hand, the register will be much more sober and more serious in Submissions, d’Emmanuel Tardif, in which a father (Martin Dubreuil), eager to take revenge on his ex-wife (Charlotte Aubin), sequesters their son in the countryside (Félix Grenier). Sadly topical. In October.

The drama Drunken birds, d’Ivan Grbovic, is set against the backdrop of another topic that made the headlines, that of seasonal foreign workers. Here, the protagonist does not seek revenge, but to find his lost love, which haunts him. This is a quest that will take him from Mexico to Quebec, where he will work on a farm. It should be noted that Ivan Grbovic is making a long-awaited return with this film, ten years after the very beautiful Romeo eleven. With Jorge Antonio Guerrero, Hélène Florent and Claude Legault. November 5.

Problems quadrupled in comedy Goodbye happiness, from Ken Scott, where four brothers (François Arnaud, Antoine Bertrand, Louis Morissette, Patrice Robitaille) tear and mend after their father’s funeral. The siblings, the paternal shadow that hovers: these are the themes dear to Quebec cinema. Also with Julie Le Breton and Charlotte Aubin. December 17th.

Finally, two films will combine male and female perspectives. It is Babysitter, from Monia Chokri, and D’A revision, from Catherine Therrien. In the first, a man, fired after a sexist joke had made him an outcast on social networks (Patrick Hivon), and his wife, rightly disillusioned (Monia Chokri), see their existence turned upside down by the title character (Nadia Tereszkiewicz). Release date to be determined.

In the second, which tackles various burning themes such as freedom of education and cancel culture, a grade revision story turns into a real interior odyssey for a philosophy professor (Patrice Robitaille) and a student (Nour Belkhiria). November 5.

So many invitations to be entertained or to reflect, or even both, that nothing better than to accept.

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