Our children’s French

My four children attended a neighborhood elementary school, then continued their studies in secondary school and chose the studies and the profession of their choice.

However, I remember my discomfort – and my sadness – when I saw how little the teaching of the written language was valued, even neglected. It was a shock to me. Some texts, such as preambles to exercises written by their teachers, had clearly not been revised and presented one or more spelling errors.

I also remember that essay for which my boy got 100%. He was proud of it. However, he had made one or the other fault which had neither been noticed nor corrected. When I pointed it out to him, he answered me in good faith:

– But mom, it’s not French! This is history!

Fortunately, my efforts have paid off. I armed myself with patience, and I made sure that my children discovered “the secret of words”, that is, their spelling. In addition, the practice of reading was beneficial to them to tame the syntax. I, who had the chance to study and who love our language so much, have found the means to support my children in this fundamental learning. However, not all parents can do this. It’s up to school to do it.

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