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Erin O’Toole is telling her supporters to hit the pavement and get the vote on her final day of the campaign, as she sprints to the finish line more at a trot than a sprint.

The Conservative leader returned from a morning run around 9:30 a.m., before boarding a bus to visit different campaigns in the greater Toronto area.

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O’Toole has campaigned in a style that is anything but normal, often trading face-to-face interactions with Canadians for a virtual format that relies on people picking up the phone and tuning in to city councils online.

It’s a strategy the party hopes will provide them with new voters on Monday in an election in which conservatives and liberals have been locked in a tight race.

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O’Toole’s first elbow hitting session of the day took place in Oakville, Ontario. before noon with Kerry Colborne. She is seeking to overthrow liberal Anita Anand, who served as the minister in charge of Canada’s vaccine procurement effort.

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Last day of the federal election campaign

Last day of the federal election campaign

O’Toole told the Oakville crowd that it was his last chance to spread his election message, which centers on a plan to win the country back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Colborne then answered a question his leader wouldn’t ask.

She says she is twice vaccinated against COVID-19 and thinks it is important to be vaccinated, but says she cannot speak about whether other candidates decide to say if they are as well.

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Questions about the vaccination status of conservative candidates have followed O’Toole throughout the campaign, in part because he is the only leader of a major party that does not require full immunization.

The position reflects the party’s position to respect personal choice.

Liberals have insisted on the issue in an effort to differentiate themselves from conservatives.

Frequent liberal volleys have prompted O’Toole to say that the party leader is dividing Canadians, while Justin Trudeau has responded by comparing O’Toole’s leadership to that of prime ministers in western Canada, where the COVID-19 cases have skyrocketed.

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‘The West Block’ political panel sets the stage for Election Day

‘The West Block’ political panel sets the stage for Election Day

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