Óscar Iván Zuluaga resigns as a candidate for the presidency of Colombia; join coalition

Oscar Ivan Zuluaga resigned from the presidential candidacy of the ruling party in Colombiato join a coalition of right-wing forces that seeks to stop the leftist Gustavo Petrowinner on Sunday’s election day.

In a video posted on his social mediathe former Minister of Finance surrounded the winner of the center-right primaries, in which the ruling party did not participate.

“I have made the personal decision to renounce the presidential candidacy for the Democratic Center to accompany the aspiration of Federico GutierrezZuluaga said.

The 63-year-old businessman abandoned the presidential race “in view of the electoral results” in which voters punished the Democratic Center party, which lost 21 seats in parliament.

In the primaries held simultaneously, the former mayor of Medellin “Fico” Gutierrez won the center-right nomination by a wide margin, with 2.1 million votes, while the leftist coalition led by Petro it obtained more than double the support (4.4 million) and the highest vote in the Senate.

Zuluaga dragged the unpopularity of the government of Ivan Dukewho ends his term in August and cannot seek re-election by law.

Gutiérrez, 37, called for “union” between the movements of the center and the right to stop the advance of Petro, who is the favorite in all the polls.

“Only united can we preserve democracy and freedom,” Zuluaga conceded upon renouncing his candidacy.

With this, the figures of the first presidential round, which will take place on May 29, begin to be decided.

Petro and Gutiérrez are joined by the mathematician Sergio Fajardo, winner in the center coalition with 723,000 votes; the former hostage of the FARC guerrilla, Ingrid Betancourtand the independent entrepreneur Rodolfo Hernandez.

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