Oscar 2022: ‘CODA’ strikes and wins the award for best film

‘CODA’, a film that is called “small & rdquor ;, remake of the French ‘The Bélier family’ that tells the story of the hearing daughter of a family of deaf and dumb, has given the long-awaited bell at the 94th edition of the Oscars and has been crowned best film. The triumph, with a full in its three nominations (it has also won an adapted screenplay and a supporting actor), has left ‘The power of the dog’, which started as a favorite with 12 nominations, savoring only the award for best direction for Jane Campion, the third woman to win that statuette in history (and the only one who had been nominated twice).

‘CODA’ also for the first time takes a streaming platform to the top of Hollywood, but not the one that has pursued it the most in recent years, Netflix, but Apple TV +, the one that last year at Sundance saw the potential of this production of 10 million and disbursed 25 million to get hold of it. The investment has paid off and the new era of how movies are produced and seen now also has the seal of approval from the Hollywood Academy.

The literal chime at the Oscars this Sunday, in any case and unfortunately, has not had to do with the cinema but with an incident that is difficult to believe. Before being awarded as best actor for ‘The Williams method’ Will Smith has given the comedian Chris Rock a slap after he made a joke about the appearance of Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor’s wife (who has shaved for the alopecia).

That moment, followed by Smith’s shouts (censored in the broadcast in the United States) telling Rock “let my wife out of your fucking mouth & rdquor ;, has left the Dolby Theater speechless. And although Smith then made a tearful speech apologizing to the Academy and other nominees and guests (but not Rock) and spoke of protecting the family, the blow to the ceremony has been devastating.

Chastain and a Spanish Oscar

The chaos and confusion have taken the shine off, for example, the Oscar for best documentary that ‘Summer of love’ won just after the incident. And what has followed after has been full of messages about love, peace and calm, including the message that Jessica Chastain has launched claiming “radical acts of love & rdquor; like those of Tammy Faye, the televangelist whose performance has led her to the Oscar for best leading actress, a statuette that this time has left Penelope Cruz at the gates of gold.

Javier Bardem, who competed with Smith, has also been left without a statuette and neither has Alberto Iglesias been able to get the soundtrack before that of Hans Zimmer for Dune, a film that is numerically the winner and has garnered six Oscars. But there have been Spaniards on the list of winners: Alberto Mielgo and Leo Sánchez, for the short The wiper.

That is one of the eight Oscars that, in a controversial decision, have been delivered in the hour before the broadcast began, although later space has been given to the recordings of the speeches at the gala, which have been given by the comedians Wanda Sykes, Regina Hall and, most brilliantly, Amy Schumer. But the good jokes and moments of the three have also been overshadowed by the sad shadow created by Smith.

few surprises

Apart from the unpleasant surprise of a live act of violence before millions of spectators, the Oscars have left few in terms of awards. The biggest: the award for best original screenplay for Belfast, with which, in his eighth nomination, Kenneth Brannagh has won his first Oscar.

In most of the other prizes predictions have been fulfilled. ‘Drive my car’ has won as an international film, ‘Encanto’ in the animation category and Billie Eilish adds an Oscar to her shelf of awards for No time to die’, the song from the last Bond song. Ariana DeBose has repeated the award that Rita Moreno won in 1962 for the supporting role of Anita in ‘West Side Story’. The actress has made history as the first openly queer woman of color with a statuette. And she has also been made by Troy Kotsur, the father in ‘CODA’, the first deaf and dumb man with an acting Oscar (the only other one before that was won by his co-star, Marlee Matlin, as the lead in Children of a Lesser God).

No one can be fooled, in any case. This 94th edition of the Oscars will remain in the annals, and in the video libraries, and in the viral world and of memes, due to Smith’s slap. And that was the edition where the Oscars celebrated the return to a certain normality after two somber editions due to the coronavirus pandemic, and at a time when the war in Ukraine shakes consciences. The Oscars have organized a minute of silence for the conflict (although in the television broadcast it has coincided with advertisements) and Ukraine has been present in blue solidarity bows worn by several guests, in mentions of presenters and speeches and in the mouth of Francis Ford Coppola , who has come out accompanied by Al Pacino and Robert de Niro to celebrate 50 years of ‘The Godfather’.

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