The epidemiologist Oriol Mitja announced on Wednesday that he had given positive in covid and deduced that it was because of the social gatherings what did you have in Sant Jordi. In addition, he launched a notice: “It is the beginning of the seventh wave, with an increase in incidence, hospitalizations and deaths.” On Thursday night he again sounded alarm bells on Twitter: he stated that “the FFP2 mask it works 70% of the time. And therefore it fails 30% of the time.”

In this line, I guarantee that the face mask “is a tool excellent and you have to use it”, implying that he blamed his contagion to the margin of error of its use.

Mitjà complements his ad with nine photographs where he appears, always with FFP2, with people whose books he signed during the ‘dyad’. However, he does not accompany the alert with any study or report that substantiates his claim that this type of mask prevents the coronavirus in 70% of cases.

In this sense, his followers have asked him to provide scientific data that allow contrasting and consolidating his words.

Ask Health to reintroduce restrictions

Since the epidemiologist considers that covid is “out of control”, on Wednesday he asked the Department of Health to reintroduce, in addition to masks, “isolations, tests [test de antígenos y PCR] and ventilation” in interior spaces.

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Mitjà notices are not new. At the end of March, when he presented his new book, ‘El món que ensespera’ (Column), he had already structural changes as a result of the health crisis.

He also believed that the political class has put the economy above health and warned that the previous normality to which so many want to return was “toxic.”


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