Opinion | The Sanky Panky and sex tourism

The Sankys are beach boys: they swim well, speak two or three languages, dance wonders, and so on, says Dr. Nancy. | Reference photo from Pixabay.

REFERRER. Dr. Nancy Álvarez is extremely popular in the Latino community.

In my show dranancy.com We talked about the Sanky Panky (Dominican prostitutes) with our sex guru, my dear professor Dr. Rafael García Álvarez. The last thing we did together was talk about “cocomordan”, and it went viral.

Dr. García told us about the study they carried out on the Sanky Panky, with funding from Canada. They wanted to know if these relationships were a risk for HIV infection and if they used condoms to prevent it.

Santo Domingo, at that time, was a sex tourism site. Every tourist who goes to another country always has the fantasy of having sex with a local. Today this form of prostitution exists in various countries such as Barbados, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean.

The Sankys are beach boys: they swim well, speak two or three languages, dance wonders, and so on. In principle, they only had one-day sex with men, and they were charged. Later, they started having it with women. They got involved with the tourist, in order to marry and receive gifts. Sometimes they didn’t charge him. They persecuted “the old women”, but when we asked how old they were, they said “34 years or so”.

They chose “pale” women, who had not caught the sun, recently arrived at the beach, and without partners. They were sweet, kind, well-mannered, seductive… and they could have up to “five intercourse” in one night.

They took care of the tourists, they tried to establish a relationship. They looked for chairs on the beach, bought her beers (with her money). They began to get closer to establish an affective bond. They took them to discos, and there the Sanky Panky began to seduce her.

His skills were used to the fullest, brushing against them, hitting each other, dancing, chasing arousal her. He wasn’t taking her to bed tonight, but a relationship was already beginning. He used dance to seduce and knock down resistance. After a few days, I gave him a strong enough alcohol to break down his stamina. Hence its name: “breaks chalk”.

In bed, the Sanky made an effort to explore the sexuality of these women, especially those of oral sex. For example, with the polisher or the drone. It is nothing more than oral sex at very high speed, and with a noise that seemed like a drone. And the women went crazy with pleasure. The screams were terrible. The police came and asked to open the door, that they were killing that woman. The Sanky replied that he was “killing her with pleasure.”

The Sanky did not charge the tourist. If he needed money, he was sad. And when she asked what was wrong, he said he had problems. The tourist then gave him money “without him asking for it.”

The purpose of the study is to lower resistance to condom use, so that sex is safe and thus reduce sexual infections.



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