The CISSS de Laval is currently making hundreds of phone calls to convince nurses who have left the health network or who have retired to return to work in its facilities. The fateful date for compulsory vaccination – October 15 – is approaching. As of Friday, 448 employees had not received any vaccine dose and 437 had only obtained one, according to the CISSS.

The deputy president and general manager of the CISSS de Laval, Chantal Friset, says that despite everything, she has enough hope of being able to “maintain the activities” in her organization thanks to the hiring of new nurses by October 15. Friday, the Legault government announced premiums ranging from $ 12,000 to $ 18,000 for healthcare professionals working full time in the network and those who will return to the fold.

At the CISSS de Laval, at present, 91% of employees are adequately vaccinated, said Chantal Friset during a technical briefing held Monday afternoon. This percentage rises to 95% if we take into account staff members who have received a first dose and who have an appointment for a second “in the days or weeks to come,” she said.

“Is it going to give 100% [d’employés vaccinés] ? asked Chantal Friset. With the information we have today, we still hope so, but to date, we are preparing for a 95%. “

Some delayed services?

In order to replace unvaccinated employees from October 15, the CISSS de Laval launched a vast telephone recruitment operation. “We are actively working to recall the people who have left us, to recall the retirees, to organize ourselves to keep the people from” I contribute “who have helped and who are less in demand at this time,” explained Chantal Friset.

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The CISSS also calls on volunteers among its employees for certain more specialized services. The staff is responding, according to the deputy CEO.

Despite these efforts, the CISSS de Laval may have to delay certain services. “We really want to preserve and develop our home support services,” said Chantal Friset. Will the case reviews that we do annually move them by one month? May be. Otherwise, we are able to maintain our services. “


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