Operation against a marijuana network that had corrupted local police in Llinars del Vallès

  • The Mossos register from 5:00 a.m. homes and premises, among which is the police headquarters of this population

The Mossos d’Esquadra they have activated this Tuesday at five in the morning a police operation against a criminal organization based in Catalonia and dedicated to to the cultivation and trafficking of marijuana. According to sources consulted by EL PERIÓDICO, among the suspects investigated are some local police officers from Llinars del Vallès.

The Mossos are conducting searches in several of the homes of the suspects and some premises, such as the headquarters of the local police in Llinars del Vallès. Various arrests are planned. The case investigates the alleged network for grow marijuana, traffic this drug and also for having created a framework for launder the black money obtained with drug trafficking. The investigation, carried out by the Criminal Investigation Division (DIC) of the Mossos, began more than a year ago.

It is not the first time that police officers have been implicated in investigations of criminal organizations linked to the cultivation and trafficking of cannabis. The most recent and notorious case was carried out by three mossos from the Santa Coloma de Farners police station arrested a year ago.

The Mossos activated in 2018 the ‘Marijuana Action Plan’ to fight against the ‘boom’ of this drug in Catalonia. Within this plan, the General Criminal Investigation Commission (CGIC) commissioned the Central Crime Analysis Area (ACAC) to carry out the report ‘The Marijuana Market in Catalonia’, which analyzes the causes and risks of this phenomenon and which this July it was handed over to the Catalan Prosecutor’s Office. The conclusions of the study, advanced by EL PERIÓDICO, warned of a worrisome scenario for social peace: the size of some criminal structures -most of foreign origin- settled in Catalonia and dedicated to the production and export of marijuana makes the police fear Catalan that in the near future they may try to corrupt the public powers to continue growing. As has happened again in the local police of Llinars.

As the elder of the Mossos warned, Josep Lluís Trapero, last Friday in the central act of the Esquadres, in Catalynya, due to the expansion of cannabis, “organized crime, a source of an underground economy, has become alarmingly installed with capacity for corruption and serious derivatives of violence. “Trapero again urged to act” urgently “against the” abuse and trafficking “of marijuana if it is desired to protect” a safe society made up of healthy and free people. ”

Parasitic phase

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The ACAC analysis divides the settlement process of foreign criminal organizations into two distinct phases. The first is the “predatory” one and details how these groups from the center of the continent or the Eastern countries, especially, have found a niche in the criminal market. “As the cake is what it is and there are more and more criminals who dispute it, the risk of conflicts between gangs grows.” Between 2018 and 2020 there have been six violent deaths connected to this problem.

The second phase, the aforementioned report already warned, is the “parasitic” one. It is the one that, if the worst forecasts are fulfilled, could end up seriously undermining the fundamental pillars of society. The report predicts that the organizations will try to infiltrate the mechanisms of power, that is, to corrupt institutions such as politics or the police to protect and expand their businesses.


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