In the last year, Digital Transformation stopped being a vision or trend to become an imperative for companies and organizations in Mexico and in the world. Harvard Business Review Analytic Services conducted a survey where 95% of the international executives interviewed considered that Digital Transformation was fundamental for them, although only 58% indicated that the strategies adopted by their organizations were effective.

An additional element is probably necessary to achieve the expected success. While technology is important in this process, having a strong IT architecture may not be enough; To achieve a true transformation it is necessary to adopt an open culture that sparks constant innovation.

This model, applied and promoted for almost 30 years in Red Hat – a leading Open Source company -, is based on collaboration and has shown that it allows organizations, public and private, to adapt to constant changes and face challenges technological even in contexts of uncertainty.

“What makes open culture special is that it allows testing, learning and modification in a virtuous circle of learning and continuous improvement; we generate innovation in a creative and unique way in an inclusive and diverse environment; and we apply our values ​​and open principles to processes, communication, structure and of course to our technology. ”, indicates Olivia Salas, Marketing Director at Red Hat for the North Latin America region (NoLA).

According to the executive, this transformative element makes it possible to make the most of resources and create technological solutions that truly respond to the needs of companies.

“To generate technological innovation we establish a collaborative, open and transparent environment. The new normal demands models of disruptive thinking that generate changes and at Red Hat we know this well and we apply it to the interior of our organization and to our entire ecosystem ”, says Olivia.

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As Red Hat accompanies companies on their path to the hybrid cloud, open culture becomes a key element that complements technology to achieve a comprehensive Digital Transformation with broad capacity to reinvent business.

“Business models with an open culture have great competitive advantages, achieve greater agility in the operation, provide faster responses to changing requirements and generate innovation with greater speed.

The dynamics of the market demands to take the next step in innovation, this is the moment to rethink the new future ”, concluded the executive.

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