Ontario’s Top Doctor to Hold Press Conference After Omicron Was Detected in the Province | The Canadian News

TORONTO – Ontario’s chief medical officer for health is scheduled to speak to the media this morning after the first two Canadian cases of a worrisome new variant of COVID-19 were detected in the province.

Dr. Kieran Moore is expected to talk about the cases of the Omicron variant, which were found in patients in Ottawa who had recently been to Nigeria.

The World Health Organization warned that the variant could be more contagious than others.

It was first detected in South Africa and has been linked to an increase in cases there.

On Friday, the federal government banned visitors from seven southern African countries in an effort to prevent the variant from crossing into Canada, but Nigeria was not among them.

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The province has asked Ottawa to implement COVID-19 testing at the point of arrival for all people entering Canada, regardless of their origin, rather than simply requiring them to be tested before leaving for Canada.

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