During the chase, the car struck and damaged three SQ vehicles.

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A 32-year-old Ontario woman was arrested early Saturday after leading Sûreté du Québec officers in a 25-mile police chase north of Montreal during which three patrol cars were damaged.

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SQ’s spokesman, Sgt. Audrey-Anne Bilodeau said the chase started around 4 a.m. on Bridgestone St. in Joliette. A car driver looked confused and was driving in the wrong direction down the street.

The driver refused to stop and led police in a northbound chase that continued on Highway 125 toward Rawdon.

It ended up on Vincent Massey Rd. In Rawdon after the car ran over a strip of spikes placed by police in an effort to stop the vehicle.

Bilodeau said the car continued with flat tires, but eventually stopped when it rolled on its rims.

During the chase, the car struck and damaged three SQ vehicles and the officer who placed the spike strip was nearly hit.

The woman was arrested and will be held for a possible court appearance later Saturday.

Bilodeau said the woman did not appear to be affected when she was arrested, but will likely be charged with reckless driving and aggravated battery.

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