Ontario reported 1,808 new COVID cases on Wednesday, the highest total in a day since May, as counts continue to climb. The total number of provincial cases now stands at 636,920.

By comparison, last Wednesday it saw 1,009 new cases and the previous Wednesday 780. During the last three days, 1,429 new cases were reported on Tuesday, 1,536 on Monday and 1,476 on Sunday. Wednesday’s count is the biggest increase since May 21, when 1,890 new cases were recorded.

However, as infections increase, COVID patients in ICUs (intensive care units) have remained relatively stable and are down from the day before.

Of the 1,808 new cases registered, the data showed that 625 were unvaccinated, 39 were partially vaccinated, 1,046 were fully vaccinated, and the vaccination status of 98 people was unknown.

According to Wednesday report, 343 cases were recorded in Toronto, 149 in the York region, 134 in the Kingston area, 132 in the Peel region, 117 in Ottawa, 114 in Simcoe Muskoka and 112 in the Halton region. All other local public health units reported fewer than 100 new cases in the provincial report.

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Deaths, vaccinations, recoveries, tests, 7-day average in Ontario

The death toll in the province has risen to 10,093, as nine more deaths were reported.

As of 8 p.m. Tuesday, there are more than 11.3 million people fully immunized with two doses, representing 87.7 percent of the population 12 years and older. The coverage of the first dose is 90.3%. There are 1,322,001 Ontarians who have received a booster shot.

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For young children ages five to 11, the first dose coverage is 32.3% – 348,774 doses to just over 1 million eligible children.

Meanwhile, 614,161 Ontario residents were reported to have recovered from COVID-19, which is 96 percent of known cases. The solved cases increased by 1,165 compared to the previous day.

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Active cases in Ontario now stand at 12,666, up from the previous day when it was at 12,032, and has risen since Dec. 8 when it was at 8,351. At the peak of the second wave coronavirus surge in January, active cases reached just over 30,000. In the third wave in April, active cases exceeded 43,000.

The seven-day average has reached 1,514, a month high since late May, when Ontario emerged from a devastating third wave. This is up from the previous week when it was 1.007. A month ago, the seven-day average was around 600.

The government said 44,726 tests were processed in the previous 24 hours. Currently 28,940 tests are being investigated.

The positivity of the test reached 6 percent. Last week, the positivity of the test was 3.3 percent.

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Ontario Hospitalizations

Ontario reported 357 people in general hospital wards with COVID-19 (28 fewer than the day before) with 154 patients in intensive care units (8 fewer) and 136 patients in intensive care units on a ventilator (7 fewer).

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Ontario health officials have recently said that intensive care occupancy can affect 250 to 300 patients before the health care system is affected and requires the reduction of some non-urgent surgeries and procedures.

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At the peak of the third wave, which was the worst wave of hospitalizations, the province saw up to 900 ICU patients with COVID and almost 2,400 in general hospital wards.

For those in general hospital wards with COVID, 119 were not vaccinated, 11 were partially vaccinated, and 84 were fully vaccinated. For those in ICU, 78 were not vaccinated while 3 were partially vaccinated and 30 were fully vaccinated.

Provincial officials noted this new dataset with vaccination status for hospitalizations it will grow and improve over time as more information is collected. There may also be a discrepancy due to how and when information from both is collected.

More to come.

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