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Ontario reports that 3,448 people are hospitalized with COVID on Wednesday, though just over half of them were initially admitted due to complications with the virus.

The Ontario government recently released data differentiating between those who were admitted to hospital due to COVID-related illness and incidental admissions.

Of the 3,448 people in hospital with COVID-19, which has increased by 228 since yesterday, about 54 percent of them were admitted because of the virus, while about 46 percent were admitted for other reasons but tested positive for it. COVID-19.

The province also reported hospitalizations there are 505 people in the ICU, 28 more than the previous day. About 83 percent of those in intensive care were admitted because of COVID, while about 17 percent were admitted for other reasons.

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For vaccination status between hospitalizations, 674 were unvaccinated, 163 were partially vaccinated, and 1,813 were fully vaccinated. For ICU patients, 157 were unvaccinated, while 19 were partially vaccinated and 167 were fully vaccinated. This data set will grow and improve over time, officials noted.

Compared to the population, while the majority of Ontarians are vaccinated, the unvaccinated are much more likely to end up in the hospital or ICU than the vaccinated, according to Ontario COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Board.

Ontario COVID Cases, Deaths, Vaccines, Recoveries, Tests

Meanwhile, Ontario also reported 9,783 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, though that’s an underestimate of the true widespread transmission of the virus due to recent testing restrictions. Total provincial cases now stand at 906,031.

Of the 9,783 new cases recorded, the data showed that 1,347 were unvaccinated people, 327 were partially vaccinated people, and 7,673 were fully vaccinated people. For 435 people, vaccination status was unknown.

The death toll in the province has risen to 10,445 as 46 more virus-related deaths were added in the last month.

There are a total of 763,398 recoveries, which is about 83 percent of known cases. The resolved cases increased by 16,106 compared to the previous day.

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Regarding vaccines, of the population aged 12 years or older, 88.5% are fully vaccinated. The coverage of the first dose stands at 91.2%. Third dose immunization is 38.9 percent: more than 5 million Ontarians have received a booster shot.

For young children aged 5 to 11 years, first dose coverage is 47.3% and 4.2% are already fully vaccinated.

The province administered 159,877 doses on the last day.

The government said 56,420 tests were processed in the previous 24 hours. The positivity rate for the test is 20.3 percent. There are 85,684 tests currently under investigation.

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Cases, deaths and outbreaks in Ontario long-term care homes

According to the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care, 3,875 deaths have been reported among residents and patients in long-term care homes across Ontario, an increase of 10 deaths from the previous day. Thirteen virus-related deaths in total have been reported among staff.

There are 290 current outbreaks in homes, 19 more than the day before.

The ministry also said that there are currently 1,739 active cases among long-term care residents and 3,254 active cases among staff, up 173 and 492 respectively in the last day.

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