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Ontario is reporting 1,058 new COVID-19 cases today, bringing the provincial total to 294,144.

Today’s case count is slightly lower than yesterday, with 1,087 new infections. 1,228 new cases were registered on Saturday and 1,150 on Friday.

Today is the fifth consecutive day in which the thousand cases have been exceeded.

According to today’s provincial report, 325 cases were recorded in Toronto, 215 in the Peel region, 87 in the York region, 56 in Hamilton and 51 in Ottawa.

All other local public health units reported fewer than 50 new cases in the provincial report.

The authorities have included a section for confirmed variant cases and have listed 390 variant cases from the UK (B.1.1.7), nine variant cases from South Africa (B.1.351) and one variant case from Brazil (P.1) detected so far in the province.

The number of fatalities in the province has risen to 6,872 with 11 more deaths reported.

Meanwhile, 276,937 people were reported to have recovered from COVID-19, accounting for 94% of known cases. The solved cases increased by 1,083 compared to yesterday.

Active cases in Ontario now stand at 10,335, which is down compared to yesterday, when they were 10,371, and compared to last Monday, when they were 11,825. At the peak of the second wave of COVID-19 in January, active cases exceeded 30,000.

The weekly average has reached 1,045, slightly higher than yesterday’s 1,031, but slightly lower than last week’s 1,051.

The government said 31,163 tests were processed in the last 24 hours. There is currently a delay of 11,883 tests awaiting results. Since the start of the pandemic, a total of 10,725,321 tests have been carried out.

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The percentage of positivity of the COVID-19 detection tests for today was 3.3%, more than yesterday, when it was 2.7%, but the same as a week ago (3.3%).

Ontario reported 646 people hospitalized with COVID-19 (14 fewer than yesterday), with 280 patients in intensive care units (three more) and 189 ICU patients connected to a ventilator (eight more).

As of 8 PM yesterday, the province had administered 569,455 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, as reported by Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott.

According to the ministry of long-term care, there have been 3,734 deaths among residents and patients of long-term care homes across Ontario, which did not increase in any case. In total, eleven virus-related deaths have been reported among staff.

There are 129 current outbreaks in residences, which is a decrease of one from yesterday.

The ministry also indicated that there are currently 126 active cases among residents of long-term care homes and 242 active cases among staff, unchanged and with a decrease of four cases, respectively, in the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, government figures show there have been a total of 7,998 school-related COVID-19 cases in Ontario to date: 5,560 among students and 1,312 among staff (1,126 people were not identified). This represents an increase of 55 more cases compared to yesterday: 47 cases among students and eight among staff.

In the last two weeks, the province indicates that 340 cases have been reported among students and 66 cases among staff (three people were not identified), for a total of 409 cases.

COVID-19 cases currently come from 278 of the 4,828 schools in the province.

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Ten Ontario schools are currently closed as a result of the positive cases, the government said.

There have been a total of 2,538 confirmed cases in childcare centers and homes, an increase of 15 (14 new cases among children and one case among staff). Of Ontario’s 5,262 child care centers, 133 currently have cases and 16 centers are closed.

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