Ontario Green Party nominates youngest candidate to date for 2022 provincial elections

The Ontario Greens have announced that Zachary Typhair will be nominated as their candidate for Kingston and the Islands in the upcoming 2022 provincial elections. Typhair is only 21 years old and among the youngest candidates of any party in the same category.

For the past three years, Typhair has been working with the Ontario Green Party in different roles. She has served on the city council campaigns for Bridget Doherty and Robert Kiley in 2018. She has also held three executive positions in the local executive for the provincial side; Youth Representative (2017-2018), communication director (2018-2019) and the position of Vice President (2019-2020).

Typhair is inspired by looking at her own life and family and how Ontarians need more to deal with the financial burden they face each New Year.

“Many Ontarians are working harder than ever and are still falling behind. In a society with the wealth and resources that this country has, there is no excuse for families to work much harder and yet fall further behind, ”Typhair said.

“My upbringing has been a mixture of middle and lower class, and if I had to retain something that I learned from my childhood, it would be the sacrifices that my mother and my grandmother made for me; these sacrifices are the same sacrifices that many other single parents and small business owners are making. “

Their goal is to make life more affordable for Ontarians, including affordable housing, a living wage, and a universal daycare so that single parents can go to work and not spend most of their income on daycare.

“People who work 30 hours or more shouldn’t have to choose between paying their bills or feeding their families,” he added.

Typhair was also a founding member of the Kingston Green Party of Canada and the Islands constituency association. Since the founding of the Annual General Meeting, he has served as a volunteer and membership chair for over a year.


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