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A day after the Ontario government announced restrictions to curb the spread of the highly infectious COVID-19 variant of Omicron, indoor entertainment venues in the greater Toronto area revealed steps they have taken to reduce capacity.

Starting Saturday at 12:01 am, capacity must be reduced by 50 percent. The change will apply to indoor venues that typically house 1,000 or more people.

“Last year on the March break, we were supposed to play the Golden State Warriors,” recalled Toronto Raptors fan Daniel Cortes.

Her eight-year-old son is a staunch Steph Curry fan. Unfortunately, it was around the same time that the pandemic was declared.

They were never able to go to the game, but Cortés assured his little one that when the action on the court resumed, they would see the Warriors.

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“A year and a half later, we are in the same boat,” he said.

They had tickets for this Saturday’s game against Golden State, until Thursday afternoon.

Cortés checked the app in which his tickets were stored and discovered that they had disappeared.

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He was not alone. People from all over Canada reached out to Global News, shared their own stories of missing tickets and found that the games had been canceled on Ticketmaster.

“This boy was born with a basketball in his hand. So an event like this, being able to see his idol, is so meaningful to him, ”said the father of two.

“But as I’ve explained to you, COVID is one of those things the world is dealing with, and we have to make some sacrifices.”

It was a lesson in life that sometimes the game doesn’t always go as planned.

Cortés, who works in healthcare, said he considers himself very lucky to share season tickets with several other friends. They divide the games with a lottery group.

As luck would have it, he got tickets to the game on Saturday night.

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“When I told him, it was pretty wrinkled.”

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Some Toronto Restaurants Return to Takeout Amid Rise in Omicron Cases

Some Toronto Restaurants Return to Takeout Amid Rise in Omicron Cases

On Ticketmaster, future Raptors home games had the dreaded “canceled” circled in red next to them. Below several of them, a ‘new date’ had appeared, but there were no accessible tickets.

Leafs fans also found ‘new date’ events that had appeared on the ticket-buying site.

Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment released a statement, revealing its action plan.

“In an effort to prioritize and meet the commitments of seasonal seating members, who make up a vast majority of venue capacity for each team, all non-seasonal seating tickets will be refunded and tickets assigned among the members of the seasonal seats for the next games based on about the new capacity limits, ”it said.

He went on to say that membership will be determined randomly, with each group of members receiving alternate game-based tickets from now until mid-January.

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For Mirvish Productions, the effect will be felt at the Princess of Wales Theater. Jesus Christ Superstar he’s playing inside the 2000-seat venue.

“The good news for us is that theaters are not closing,” said John Karastamatis, communications director for Mirvish Productions.

The company celebrated its official relaunch for Come from far away at the Royal Alexandra Theater on Wednesday night.

That production will not be affected because the capacity is not high enough to reach the threshold.

“The government recognizes that live events that (are) organized in a responsible manner, and where the audience is responsible, can take place without much risk,” he added.

Mirvish has reached out to ticket holders, giving them three options: stay the course, put that money in their account, or transfer the value of their tickets to a Mirvish gift card.

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Ontario Model Warns of Substantial Growth in Omicron Cases

Ontario Model Warns of Substantial Growth in Omicron Cases

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