Ontario, British Columbia and PEI Invite Candidates in This Week’s PNP Draw Results

Posted on Jul 20, 2023 at 2:32 PM EDT
Updated Jul 20, 2023 2:39 PM EDT

Garden in Victoria, BC,

Ontario, British Columbia, and Prince Edward Island have invited candidates in the most recent round of Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

The PNP was established because immigration is a shared responsibility between the provincial and federal governments. It allows provincial governments to exercise greater control over the selection of economic immigrants who settle within a nominating province.

Provincial governments tend to select qualified candidates who are most likely to fill gaps in the local labor force and thus integrate easily into the local economy. Put another way, the provinces nominate the candidates who are most likely to remain in the province and succeed.

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A candidate who is nominated by a province is much more likely to receive a Invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Further, Express Entry candidates who are nominated receive an additional 600 Comprehensive rating system (CRS), which practically guarantees an ITA in an upcoming draw.

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) allocates available PNP nominations to each province based on goals in the most recent Immigration Levels Planan annual plan outlining the goal for permanent resident admissions over the next three years.

Provinces have recently been calling for more autonomy over economic immigration and have indicated that they would like individual agreements with the federal government, as Quebec. Quebec has full authority over the selection of economic immigrants as outlined in the Canada-Quebec Agreement. It is the only province in Canada that has such an agreement.

While such agreements have yet to be reached, in March of this year, the Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration met and ratified a new IRCC initiative, a Provincial Immigration Levels Plan that outlines provincial nomination allocations for the next three years, most of which are higher than before.

This will give provinces greater ability to plan for more newcomers and ensure that there are adequate jobs, housing and other important infrastructure to support newcomers and make the province an attractive destination.

Provincial Immigration Results July 15-20


ontario held two drawings on July 20 under Express Entry Human Capital Priority Flow for candidates in specific occupations.

The province invited 902 candidates in a lottery for candidates in technology occupations and 159 in a lottery for health professionals. All candidates required a CRS score in the 458-462 range.

These provincial results are similar to the recently introduced category-based selection rounds of Express Entry invitations. So far this summer, 2,000 healthcare professionals and 500 science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) candidates have received ITAs in federal Express Entry draws.

british columbia

the July 18 british columbia He held his usual PNP draw on Tuesdays.

This week, the province invited more than 167 candidates in four draws. All the candidates were participants in the Skilled workers or international graduate streams and Express Entry candidates were included.

The largest draw focused on 112 candidates with tech occupations. They required a minimum score of 88 on the Skills Immigration Record System (SIRS).

The remaining three draws were also occupation-specific, each requiring a minimum SIRS score of 60. The province invited:

  • 39 early childhood educators and assistants
  • 16 health professionals
  • Fewer than five other priority occupation candidates

Prince Edward Island

On July 20, PEI invited 106 candidates to the first PEI PNP draw of the month. The invitations were divided into two categories.

The first was for candidates in the Labor stream and Express Entry. The province invited 97 candidates under the Critical Worker Stream who work for a PEI employer and have a minimum EOI score of 50.

The province also invited nine candidates under the Entrepreneur with Business Work Permit stream who met the minimum point threshold of 80.

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