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The refugee crisis to which, sooner or later, Europe is facing due to the situation in Afghanistan, which is reminiscent of the one experienced years ago as a result of the war in Syria, once again raises a political conflict between supporters and detractors of the reception of refugees.

Even more so in Spain, after the emergence of Vox three years ago, a formation that, according to its leader proclaimed in a thread on Twitter, Santiago Abascal, is categorically opposed to our country or any of its partners in the European Union (EU) receiving those who are now fleeing the advance of the Taliban.

For Abascal, “Afghans fleeing Taliban terror must be welcomed in neighboring Muslim countries. Although the consensus of liberal politicians will now pretend that it is the Europeans who suffer the consequences of their mistakes and betrayals.” In his opinion, what happened these days after the taking of Kabul “is a terrible defeat for Biden. [Joe], the UN and the EU. And another triumph for China, which will become a partner of the Taliban, “he concluded.

The, in the opinion of the president of Vox, an undesirable company of those who, as his message on the social network states, flee precisely from terrorism, is not such for the Government of Spain or for autonomous communities and municipalities of different political colors.

From the independence government of Catalonia to the socialist presidents of Aragon and Castilla-La Mancha, Javier Lambán and Emiliano García Page, through the Madrid City Council -governed by a coalition of PP and Citizens that has the support of Vox, which allowed to invest as mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida- They have shown both their willingness to host refugees and the specific capacity they have in their centers.

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The Madrid consistory, as explained by the vice mayor Begoña Villacís, puts at the disposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Las Caracolas Center, in Vallecas, which could accommodate up to one hundred people, while the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, offered accommodation for fifty people and asked the central government for a “humanitarian corridor” with Afghanistan.


Other leaders, in this case autonomous, such as Page have written to Pedro Sánchez to show him the availability of his autonomy. They all underline the dramatic situation in which those who flee the country after the defeat of the United States find themselves, especially, they emphasize, the women who twenty years after the first North American intervention are forced again to live under the fundamentalist terror of the Talinabes, that already dominated the country between 1996 and 2001, before 9/11.

The Minister of Social Affairs of Aragon, Mariví Broto, stated that “it is scary to think that in Afghan universities there were 60% of women from that country who today can no longer go to a university center,” she gave as an example. In a very similar way, the Basque Government of the nationalist manifested itself. Íñigo Urkullu, the Navarrese of the socialist María Chivite or the Castilian and Leonese of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, among others.

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Jose Luis Escrivá, ensures that the reception of Afghan refugees is a matter of “dignity” while thanking “the solidarity of autonomous communities and municipalities by offering resources that complement our reception system.”

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In the same vein, the Minister of Foreign Affairs manifested, Jose Manuel Albares, who, in addition to thanking the support of regional and local administrations, stated that “Spain reaffirms its commitment to the defense of human rights, and in particular the rights of Afghan women.” Albares also gave “thanks for their solidarity to the autonomous communities and municipalities that are already offering to host refugees.”

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