Only 8% have a police certificate

The National Guard (GN) closed 2020 with 96,358 elements, of which 62.1% came from the National Defense Secretariat, 23.8% from the Federal Police and 14.1% from the Navy Secretariat, according to the National Census of Federal Public Security (CNSPF) 2021, prepared by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

Of this total, only 7,787 (8%) elements had a valid Unique Police Certificate, 84% (6,543) by the Federal Police; 15.7% (1,218) by the Secretary of the Navy and 0.3% (26) by the Secretary of National Defense.

Of the total elements, about 80,205 are men and 16,153 women. Regarding income, 46% of the male staff and 69.9% of the female staff received a gross monthly income between 25,001 and 30,000 pesos.

The Inegi Census showed that clashes with armed civilians were the main cause of death during the working day with 83.3 percent. In 2020, there was a record of 56 clashes by the National Guard, in which 17 armed civilians were injured, 30 died and 22 were arrested.

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