Online Safety Brochure Targeted For Those Lacking Tech Skills Now Available

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A new 65-page brochure is now available through various outlets around the city that provides tips on the safety of digital computers and phones.

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Kevin Cosgrove, a PC Outfitters technician who is also an advisor to the Windsor Police Service, produced the publication “Digital Safety for the Non-Tech Savvy” regarding potential online fraud and Internet safety concerns .

The brochure, which is specifically geared towards helping seniors, provides information and advice on many topics including password security, email security, as well as information on various potential online frauds or scams.

“It has been written to cater to everyone,” Cosgrove said. “It is information that will have universal appeal for everyone.”

Initially, he became interested in helping others with online safety by teaching an Internet course for seniors at the ElderCollege at the University of Windsor Canterbury College. He has also worked to advise Windsor Police, CrimeStoppers and local MP Brian Masse on the problem of problematic bots.

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“Through my work (at the computer store), we keep seeing more and more of this,” Cosgrove said. “Most of the people who come to the store have been scammed or had their systems hijacked. Every year we see more and more ”.

Many of the tips in the brochure can be derived from using the computer or the telephone, he said.

“The (federal) statistics on (online) fraud show that only three percent report their problems,” Cosgrove said. “It could be fake phone calls or text messages, if someone indicates in an email that it is from Microsoft. They make you log in to get your personal information and then your bank account is emptied.

“People are often too embarrassed to ask for help with this. We are posting this to the community to hopefully stop some of the issues that occur with all of this. “

The brochure is available through the ElderCollege, at PC Outfitters (behind Devonshire Mall at 3181 Marentette Ave.), through the City of Windsor, who will distribute it to select locations and WFCU locations soon.

Anyone looking for more information about the brochure can call PC Outfitters at 519-969-0166.

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