One year after Maradona’s death: the diabolical side of a God emerges

A year without Diego Maradona is almost an eternity. The extinct star was an omnipresent figure in ArgentinaEither because of his exploits or his falls. Since 1997, when he permanently retired from sports practice, driven by addiction, Argentines learned to live with at least two Diegos, the human God and the man devoured by his drives and a destructive environment. Some preferred never to look at their sides diabolical and focus your gaze on the sublime goal against the English, in the 1986 World Cup. Others, on the contrary, turned it into scapegoat to give ethical sermons. When he died, the country was in full confinement due to the pandemic and, like Diego, with the consent of the Government, in the city of Buenos Aires the official rules were broken and a crowd went to say goodbye at the presidential headquarters. Even his funeral they staged the contradictions that exceeded him.

On October 30 he would have turned 61 years old. It was evoked profusely. The first anniversary of his death also promised similar evocations. But something got in the way. Hours ago, the testimony of Mavys alvarez, the Cuban who, at 16, was his “bride“in Havana, at the beginning of the century, when a Maradona who had narrowly avoided fatality, was trying to recover on that island.”He raped me while my mother cried on the other side of the door“said Álvarez, who is currently 37 years old and has just filed a legal complaint for trafficking in women against the inner circle of the former player of those days.” I wanted the world to know what I experienced in order to prevent other girls from going through it . We can get ahead. Now I leave the rest to the Justice, “he said in this capital.

The dark side of the Maradonian moon

The adolescent was brought to Argentina with the blessing of Fidel Castro. He knew the perk and the drug. In Argentina, where she was almost smuggled, they implanted breasts that she did not want. The macabre history of her stay in Buenos Aires, hidden in a hotel, out of sight of the Maradonian family, as a forbidden object, is superimposed on apologetic or indulgent speeches about the star who knew glory and mud at the same time. For these hours the mud seems to win.

Nicky Nicole, a young singer from Rosario, the city of Leo Messi, recent Latin Grammy winner, lunged at the statue of the late Fluff. “I was not born in the time of Diego Maradona and football does not interest me but I know a lot about his past, so I am not his fan. My father and my grandfather are, but I also find it controversial that a person who has this type of behavior is followed. ”

Gianinna Maradona, the second of the star’s daughters, responded harshly on social networks: “talking about a person you don’t ‘know’ makes you talk more about yourself than about him.” Álvarez herself tried to intervene in the controversy: “sorry if my confession makes you feel bad. I’m sorry that I could hurt you with my words. It’s strong, I understand that. I am convinced that he must have been a wonderful father to his daughters. But this is my story, what I lived. “

Matters of the heart

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Maradona’s heart has been called into question. Just that organ, the metaphor of love and absolute surrender. Because, according to the official account, Diego was “all heart” in the team and loved his daughters so much. Also, he used to beat piously with people in misfortune. It turns out that the former Argentine captain was buried without his heart, disheartened, as revealed by journalist and doctor Nelson Castro.

Surely, this November 25, the five recognized children of Maradona will have something more to say: Dalma, Gianinna, Diego Jr., Diego Fernando and Jana. The truth is that Diego associated with the days of collective happiness –which are none other than soccer players in Argentina for decades- already has an indelible double without light. Gabriela Saidón posted weeks ago Gods. The construction of Maradona as a lay saint. Something has altered in his view of the sociocultural phenomenon. “Mavys challenges me. How could I not.” But, in addition, he considers that the accusation of the Cuban “change our ideas, not only about Maradona but about our actions. To put it another way: how much and how the cause Álvarez vs Maradona US change and me it changes. “Time will tell to what extent Diego’s negative side will devour his own myth.

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