One out of every 50 tons of onions in the world is Mexican: Sader

With a production of one million 499,740 tons in 2020, Mexico contributes one in 50 tons of onion consumed in the world, a trend that continues to grow, reported the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sader).

Between January and August of this year, exports of onion and garlic ─fresh or chilled─ grew 6.8%, with a value of 347 million dollars compared to 325 million dollars in the same period of 2020, he noted.

He stressed that for this 2021, the production of the vegetable in the country will register a volume of around 1 million 432,922 tons, according to estimates by the Agrifood and Fisheries Information Service (SIAP).

The federal agency highlighted that, in 2020, onion production in Chihuahua It represented 21.6% of the national volume, while the amount of the sale of the harvest in the state was around 2,881 million pesos.

They follow him Guanajuato, with a production of 210,255 tons; Zacatecas, with 182,212; Tamaulipas, with 134,962; Baja California, with 103,603, and Puebla, with 94,157 tons.

farming pointed out that onion is the third most produced vegetable in the country, its annual per capita consumption is 9.7 kilograms and its participation in the national vegetable production it is 9.3 percent.

The harvest Throughout the year, it enables a homogeneous internal supply in quantity month by month, with a maximum production in May (10.5% of the total), he indicated.

In the supply centers, the price of the purple Onion It is, on average, three pesos more than the white one, and four pesos more than the tail, he pointed out.

Bangladesh, USA and Malaysia are the main importers of fresh onion; in 2020 these countries acquired 681,000; 561,000 and 480,000 tons, respectively. The volume generated by farmers in China allows it to stand out as the main producer of the vegetable in the world.


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