One of agents and commissions

One of the best kept secrets in the football industry is how much the middlemen take from each operation. Rarely is the perceived black on white, unless the club is listed on the Stock Exchange, such as Juventus or SL Benfica: Mino Raiola he took 27 million for Pogba’s transfer to United, 25% of the total; the Portuguese kept 100 million of the 126 million that Atleti paid for joao felix and the rest for Mendes and company, 20%. In a 2021 in which the international transfer market fell 13.9%, commissions rose 1%, to 501 million dollars, according to Fifa. Much or little? Immoral and legal?

The debate has been reopened this week by Barcelona, ​​after the complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office for alleged crimes of unfair administration during the mandate of Joseph Maria Bartomeu. And there are included commissions of 33% for the pass, everything indicates, Malcolm. If you ask me, I will tell you that I am in favor of establishing a limit on agents and the role they play in a market increasingly dominated by them than by the clubs themselves.

Mbappé and Haaland have all the power

The problem for the current president, Joan Laporta, is that establishing red and moral lines in this business can still be boomerang today. This summer the two most sought-after pieces of the decade are going up for auction: Kylian Mbappe, that as a free agent you can ask whatever you want from whomever you want, and Erling Halandto which Raiola It is exhibiting in all the great football squares.

The problem for Laporta is that establishing red and moral lines in this business can still be a boomerang today

“If we pay an impressive commission, I will explain it,” Laporta clarified, knowing that it is a 30% premium or an extra 15 million for the Norwegian is not an impossible scenario if he wants it. It is the toll of not having the power in the negotiation.

Intermediaries have taken advantage of the dysfunctions caused by the Bosman Law like no other. The footballer ceased to be an employee to be an asset, with an economic value with an expiration date: June 30 of his last year of contract. A cycle in which the club knows that he only has two options: retain him with long contracts and upward renewals, or sell him before January 1 of that last year. There, as he has shown Dembele, They have more strength than ever to decide.

The pandemic has reinforced the negotiating power of soccer players, before a pool of clubs trapped in the collapsed transfer market, in which they could not even sign and renew, requiring a salary reduction. And if it is clear that the teams cannot give up according to what figures, be careful because it could be the next big leap in the market: the players being the ones who sell themselves. The dream of the FC Intermediary.

The war for paddle tennis increases in intensity

Qatar has already made it clear to us that it has no problem bursting according to which markets if that allows it to have a leading role in the sports industry. He did it with the award of the World Cup this year, it has become very clear to us with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where there are already more than 1,000 million between injections and sponsorships, and now it is the turn of the paddle. Little or nothing is known about how much the emirate is willing to invest, although players have already taken their side seduced by a substantial increase in prizes.

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The World Padel Tour, raised by Estrella Damm and that last year opened its shareholding to an investment fund, distributed about 100,000 euros in prizes in the best of cases. Little, in the eyes of some athletes who should perhaps know another fact: the manager of the professional circuit accumulates losses of 12.5 million euros since its launch in 2014.

In other words, what the championship is capable of generating by itself in income is not enough to sustain a level of production that makes it attractive for brands and TVs, while compensating the players. Now Qatar will distribute everything and more, but it will not be for a few years if what is done now is to inflate a bubble that could burst.

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