Omicron, the fifteenth, by Josep Maria Fonalleras

I discover that the World Health Organization names the variants of the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus with greek alphabet letters. I do not discover it (I already knew that Delta is the fourth letter of the alphabet), but I verify that it is a recurring and continuous practice. In fact, it happens to me because I thought that the Delta variant was the last one that had affected us and I have no record of Theta, Kappa or Lambda, which are letters that come after the Delta. Now, Ómicron emerges, who is the fifteenth, and who has an air similar to that of a lost planet in a distant galaxy or that of an evil organization, in a James Bond film. WHO opted for a aseptic nomenclature for not creating susceptibilities or delving into various wounds, but has realized that Ni, the letter number 13, could be interpreted in English as new and that Pcsi, 14, could be pronounced as Xi, making it look like Chinese. There are still a few left until we reach the Omega, which, as is known, is the last, the end of everything, the conclusion. Perhaps they will also skip it, for the apocalyptic overtones and so that it is not the case that a well-known watch brand files a claim for damages.

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