Ómicron forces the cancellation of thousands of flights around the world

  • At least 3,500 flights had to be canceled this past weekend coinciding with the celebration of the Christmas holidays

The expansion of the Omicron variant of the coronavirusLess deadly but more contagious, it has forced the cancellation of thousands of flights around the world in recent days, marked by a Christmas season in which many have had to confine themselves away from their families.

At least 2,215 flights scheduled for this Monday have been canceled, of which 700 were in U.S. Up to 4,524 have been affected by delays. This past weekend the number rises to up to 3,500 canceled flights, according to FlightAware, which documents air traffic.

The cancellation of these trips may be due in some cases to meteorological or mechanical problems, but many of them have been because the personnel of aviation has been infected by this new variant of the covid-19.

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Air traffic has increased considerably compared to last year. On December 24 and 25, Christmas Eve and Christmas, at least two million people passed through metal detectors in the United States daily. Yesterday, the 26th, 6,794 flights were canceled worldwide. The airlines with the highest percentage of canceled flights were the Chinese Beijing Air, with 66% of them, and the American Horizon, with 38%.

The impact of the infections could also end up affecting the flights scheduled for the next few days before or after the end of the year.


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