Ómicron de Puente, by Álex Sàlmon

Closure of this long shopping and snow aqueduct. Those who stayed in the cities threw themselves into the commercial hubs, blocking wide avenues. Those who searched for the mountain they encountered snow, cold and, worst of all, wind. Five days go a long way, but there has been everything.

The common denominator for both has been overcrowding. Many people gathered at one point with the threat of covid. It seems that there is no fear of the omicron, that novel variant, with the name of a science fiction film that is not quite credible, although it should.

There is no doubt that during these days the majority of the population has acted with some prudence, although with low defenses. We can’t call it irresponsibility but there is a certain relaxation in the face of the indicated prophylactic methodology.

Let’s imagine a person exaggerated in his formulas to act against the covid, eternal mask in the mouth, hydroalcoholic gel always at hand, for which anyone within two meters is already the object of deceit. Next to it, someone with the mask under his nose, showered in the morning and, with it, already cleans all day and given to kissing and hugging.

These two types of citizens have been forced to coincide, repeatedly, during this aqueduct of the ‘puriconsti’ in streets, queues in shops, ‘cable cars’, restaurants and even caravans, although in these cases the contact is remote.

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The intransigent – perhaps with all the reasons – next to the pasota, with fewer arguments, they have become an unbearable couple. Each one in defense of his extreme freedom, each with his good and bad proposals, they have ended up organizing a brawl. I have witnessed quite a few. Shame on others.

These situations explain the extreme society in which we have become accustomed to living. While, the citizen centered, quiet, devoted to his equilibrium, but also prudent when it comes to getting into trouble, he absent himself once more from the conflict, and leaves the others in the line of sight. Common sense, always the least common.


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