Omella apologizes for inconsistencies and corruption within the Church

The president of the Episcopal Conference (CEE), Juan José Omella, has apologized for the divisions, inconsistencies and “internal inconsistencies” and “corruption” within the Church and its pastors, which contribute “not without scandal” to the disaffection and “lack of confidence in the hierarchy” of the institution itself .

In her inaugural speech at the CEE Plenary Assembly, Omella recognized that faith is losing its presence in Spain, something caused – she admitted – “by the internal inconsistencies of the Church and Christians” and also of the pastors of church. “For this I ask for your forgiveness, because with our lack of testimony and inconsistencies, due to our divisions and lack of evangelizing passion, on many occasions we contribute, not without scandal, to disaffection and lack of trust in the hierarchy, in the Church itself, “he stressed.

The Cardinal Archbishop of Barcelona has called the bishops to confront issues such as lack of faith and “corruption” within the Church “that really hurt us and we ask forgiveness from God, the victims and society, at the same time that we work for its eradication and prevention “.

Collaboration with civil society

The president of the EEC has referred to the crisis caused by the pandemic and has offered the work of the Church to actively collaborate with political and civil institutions and to better overcome this situation. In this sense, he has made a call to “put aside ideologies” and walk together to face challenges such as youth unemployment.

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He regretted that the social and political environment of our country is, unfortunately, highly fragmented, and recalled that the answers to the challenges posed by society and in the face of the “stressed world” in which we live, we must all find them together, listening to each other. “Let’s look at what unites us and let’s walk together towards it. Let’s put aside the monologues and ideologies that confront us and prevent us from walking towards the common good,” the president of the EEC encouraged.

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