Olympic athletes are jumping on TikTok trends to provide tours of their rooms at Beijing 2022

Since arriving at the Olympic Village, athletes participating at the Beijing 2022 Winter Games have taken the excitement to social media to share an inside look at their experience.

Many have put an Olympic touch on TikTok trends such as the ‘things in my house that just make sense’ tag, where athletes provided room tours in Beijing and few perks that come with being an Olympic athlete.

Natalie Corless, a member of Canada’s luge team, shared her version of the trend and pointed out some of the things that just make sense in her room. She shared Canada’s team kits, art work from young fans, a table and drawer filled with snacks and treats, plush toys of team mascots, including the official Beijing 2022 mascot Bing Dwen Dwen and Team Canada’s Komak the moose. She also included a giant window which she says is used for the entire Olympic Village to watch her make this TikTok.

Anna Fairman and Anna Segedi from China’s women’s ice hockey team also took part in the trend and have gained a following on tiktok for their viral content at the village.

They shared a Beijing 2022 flag in their room that was being held by a water bottle, a charging station that had one of their laptops resting on a foam roller, a smart bed, a fairly empty living space that was being occupied by a table and chair and secret window.

Rather than taking part in this particular trend, other athletes decided to share a sneak peek of their lives at the village in vlog-style posts.

American snowboarding legend Shaun White provided a detailed tour of his room, which was well organized with a family picture wall and even decorated for Lunar New Year.

Adam Runnalls from Canada’s Biathlon team shared a ‘day in the life’ video. I have documented his busy day from time he woke up to head out to practice to coming home and playing video games before turning in for the night.

Runnalls previously shared details on what it was like inside the Olympic Village with the Star.


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