Olona (Vox) abronca a journalist in the corridors of Congress: “Your silence is very eloquent”

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The row this Tuesday inside the Congress he has not been left alone in the hemicycle. It has also reached the corridors of the lower house. The deputy of Vox Macarena Olona he has faced a journalist, who asked him about the controversy that had happened minutes before a few meters away, when a member of his party, Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia, has been expelled after calling the socialist a “witch” Laura Berja |.

The latter defended in the rostrum an initiative to reform the Penal Code and punish the harassment of women in abortion clinics.

Consulted by the press about the previous scuffle —After which Olona has wrapped up her deputy, after considering that the Chamber Board had “arbitrarily” interpreted the regulation—, the also State attorney has become entangled with the journalist Cristina Pérez.

“I wanted to know if it is okay for you to call a female deputy a witch,” the latter asked. Olona, ​​who was hurrying down the corridor and seemed to choose to ignore the issue, turned around and hinted at the informant.

“Have you asked the same question when I was attacked in this Congress, calling me a fascist at this distance and at the risk of aggression?”, the deputy has replaced.

They expelled a deputy from Vox for calling a PSOE policy a ‘witch’

“It’s a question I want to ask you; I’m asking you directly: yes or no,” the leader insisted again, visibly tense. “I want an answer: yes or no. Yes or no”, again. “Don’t you want to answer me? Thank you. Your silence is very eloquent”Politics murmured, hurriedly walking away from the microphones.

Deputy Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, spokesperson for the Vox Parliamentary Group, has shared the video of the incident on his Twitter profile, accompanied by the following message: “Macarena leona is much more Macarena.”

Quarrel in the hemicycle

Minutes before, the deputy of Vox José María Sánchez García he had called the socialist Laura Breja a “witch”, who defended an initiative to reform the Penal Code and punish harassment of women in abortion clinics.

El First Vice President of Congress, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, heading the Table as president, has interrupted his speech to call the politician to order and urge him to withdraw his words. After warning him three times, he has decided to expel him.

However, several Vox leaders, mainly Macarena Olona, ​​have criticized this “unfair” decision of the vice president of Congress, who they have accused of interpreting “arbitrarily” the internal regulations of the chamber.

After the scuffle and the resistance of the Vox politician to abandon his seat, Gómez de Celis has chosen suspend the plenary session for ten minutes. After the break, the deputy, supported by the staff of his party, has retracted “Retreat that I have called her witchand has remained in his seat. Olona has then vindicated the action of his Parliamentary Group to avoid what he has considered an expulsion contrary to the regulations.

However, this is not why the controversy has ceased. During the rest of the debate, several left-wing leaders from Errejón to Pilar Vallugera (ERC)They have attacked the Vox bench as a result of this incident.


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