Olga Moreno calls Telecinco to defend Rocío Flores: “They have crushed her and she doesn’t deserve it”

With his face contorted and on the verge of tears. This is how it appeared dew flowers this morning in ‘The Ana Rosa program’, just one day after Antonio David Flores and Marta Riesco confirmed their relationship. Seeing the state he was in, Olga Moreno He has picked up the phone to call live and reassure his ex-partner’s daughter, thus breaking the silence he had maintained since their separation was announced.

“I just want to go in to tell Rocío not to worry, that everything will be fine. I have told her in person and she deserves to be told publicly, because she has been crushed and she does not deserve it“He began by saying, with a broken voice, while the collaborator burst into tears at his words.

Olga has insisted that she has been “with her for 22 years”, making it clear that the relationship between the two is not going to falter despite the circumstances. “We know what has happened. She knows what she has suffered. She, her father, David and I know it.” “I tell you from my heart, I have never lied or cheated. That girl does not deserve what they are doing to her”, has added.

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“Don’t worry, all this happens. We are a family”, he told Rocío. After listening to Olga’s intervention, Rocío Carrasco’s daughter thanked her for the gesture she had with her: “I love you madly.”

The winner of ‘Survivors’ has confessed that all this has caught them “by surprise”, although she has tried to downplay the situation: “Nothing happens, each one goes their own way and that’s it”. “Rocío didn’t know anything, I promise you. Neither she nor I”, has underlined. However, Rocío has recognized that she “intuited” something about the relationship between Antonio David and Marta.


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