Officials ask for patience as AHS moves patients to a new hospital

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On Saturday, Grande Prairie Regional Hospital will begin full operations, and the delicate task of transporting QEII patients to the new hospital begins at 6 am.

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“Grande Prairie residents will see a significant increase in EMS traffic throughout the city beginning Friday through early Sunday morning,” AHS said in a statement.

Authorities say the transfer of patients between hospitals will take up to 18 hours.

“Most of these transfers will not be considered emergencies and therefore will not require lights or sirens,” AHS said, “As usual, motorists should stop on the right side of the road if emergency vehicles are approaching with lights or sirens. “

According to AHS, they will continue to have dedicated ambulances for emergency responses available and regular EMS operations will not be affected by the move.

AHS is also asking the public to help ensure an efficient transfer by delaying visits to loved ones in the hospital until the transfer is complete.

Loved ones are asked to refrain from visiting patients at the scene on Saturday to expedite the transfer and ensure patient safety. Exceptions will be made in palliative situations. All other designated support visitors will be welcomed once patients move in and feel comfortable in the new facility, “AHS said.

AHS also wants to remind people not to go to the new hospital unless they need medical attention, and that medical examinations, masking, and all other existing COVID-19 protocols will remain in effect at Grande Prairie Regional Hospital.

“AHS would like to thank everyone for your patience and consideration on the streets of Grande Prairie over the weekend as we work hard to transport patients safely to the new Grande Prairie Regional Hospital,” said AHS.

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