Official: Espanyol strikes down Vicente Moreno and Rufete in the middle of Chen’s revolution

  • The president is looking for a mutation in the sports field to hook a disenchanted hobby again.

  • Luis Blanco, coach of the subsidiary, will lead the team this Saturday against Valencia and the final day against Granada

The perico earthquake began with the dismissal of José María Duran as general director of the club and has continued with those responsible for the sports area. Mao Yethe new CEO of Spanishalready predicted on Monday that there would be decisions when the permanence was sealed and hours after the objective was certified events rushed. The technician Vincent Moreno and the sports director Rufete They are already history, as the club announced this Friday in a busy day at the blue and white offices. The fans already have both heads what did he want.

the season of parakeet return to First He has ended up taking the promotion technician ahead. Vincent Moreno he piloted the parakeet adventure by Second and certified this week the permanence, but the ship was not heading to a good port. Many fans were disenchanted and had already shown signs of their discomfort in Cornella.

The Valencian coach said goodbye with a reflection from RCDE Stadium. “We knew that we were coming to a club in a complicated situation, but it was worth it and a lot. We have had the opportunity to work in a club spectacular in every sense. He was a three year project and we were achieving the objectives,” Moreno began by saying.

“The best decision”

“In the first we got a ascent successfully, in the second we achieved the permanence with solvency. We have achieved it so clearly that perhaps value has been removed. We had a third year left in which we thought that the quality jump and we were excited about it, but you don’t have to put on a mask. In recent times the atmosphere was rarefied and the best decision is this. Everything has a beginning and an end. You have to accept it.”

This Saturday, in the last duel at home against Valenciaa protest was also being prepared to demand measures and chen yansheng he did not hesitate With this restructuring, the president is pursuing a turnaround in the sports field with the clear objective of hook the fans again.

The Valencian coach had one more year on his contract, but there was a clause that facilitated his departure with the relevant compensation, lower if the dismissal occurred before the end of the season, for which it has been struck down without even waiting for the last shock at home. Rufeteon the other hand, ends its relationship this June.

rarefied environment

The terrible streak of this end of the course, with one point out of 15 possible and some depressing performance, have just infuriated the owner of RastarGroup. The atmosphere was not the most suitable either and everything pointed to the departure of the coach, although perhaps the immediate execution after sealing the objective was surprising.

“We knew that we were coming to a club in a difficult situation, but it was worth it. We have achieved our objectives. This year we saved ourselves with such solvency that perhaps the value has been reduced”

“In recent times the atmosphere was rarefied. The best decision is this. Everything has a beginning and an end. You have to accept it”

Vicente Moreno / Former coach of Espanyol

The last two league games, this Saturday against Valencia and the last in Grenadewill lead them Louis White, the technician of Spanish B that he had not trained the team in person in recent weeks due to a leg injury that has him on crutches. The 43-year-old Colombian coach has already commanded the team’s training this Friday.

From Quique to Vicente

Is he eighth coach since Chen became president of the club in January 2016. He was then Galca on the bench after relieving Sergio Gonzalez. With the Chinese leader they arrived Quique Sanchez Flores, David Gallego, Rubi, Machín, Abelardo, Rufete, Vicente Moreno and now Luis Blanco. In these six years have also passed four sports directors: Ángel Gómez, Lardín, Perarnau and Rufete.

Decisions have been made unilaterally by Chen Yansheng since China. The president considered that Vicente Moreno’s stage was exhausted after two years and the harrow pressure also invited him to dispense with Rufete, who was already questioned the course of the declinesomething that was never forgiven him.

Diego Martinez, Cannavaro, Luis Garcia…

The new head of the sports area will be Sunday Catoiracurrent technical secretary who came to the perico painting from the hand of Rufete when he replaced Oscar Perarnau in 2020. You will not be short of work. A dozen players fulfill contracts or end assignments and movements are expected in all lines, as well as some notable sales, with Raul de Tomas or Pedrosa as possible candidates.

“We want a bigger Espanyol in every way. There will be enough resources, but always limited. Life is like that”

Mao Ye / CEO of Espanyol

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JoseluAlavés striker, and brian oliveMallorca’s left-back, are emerging as the first signings for a project that will have a new driver on the bench. diego martinez, former Granada coach, Cannavaro, no team after training in China, or the idolized Louis Garcia, who directs the Damm youth team, have already sounded like relays.

“The names that are appearing give a sample of the potential of this club. The important thing is not that there are many candidates, that there are, but that we fully hit the decision. He must be a coach who identifies with the values ​​and history of the club. We must not be in a hurry, we must be successful“, assured this Friday Catoira in your presentation. “We want to grow and achieve a biggest spanish in every sense. There will be sufficient resources, but always limited. Life is like that,” concluded Mao Ye.

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