“I cannot be in the oven and in the mill! “ “But yes, Marie-Pierre, the world is moving! Work, today, it is Atawad ”, answers Sébastien, manager a bit annoying. Have we never dreamed of being in two places at the same time, in the same second? With Atawad, it’s as if it was done.

This oriental-sounding word is an acronym, meaning “Any time, any where, any device” : we work anytime, anywhere, and on any medium (Niqnioniqs in French, it’s less desirable).

Living in an Atawad world means having the possibility of always being connected. Atawad is a trademark registered in 2002 by Xavier Dalloz, communications advisor, who translated his invention: it is mobility, contraction of mobility and ubiquity.

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Starting from communication and marketing, the concept has reached the mouths of managers as teleworking and the Internet have developed. Let’s start with time: work “Any time”, it means having flexible hours. A young father who manages his website at night, between two crises of his baby, or a lover of sleep in who prefers the 12 pm to 8 pm time slot.

Be careful, anytime is not all the time, and the fact of being always available comes with safeguards: imagine a digital counter that indicates to the employee when he has achieved his daily or weekly quota of hours. .

The absence of an office does not allow you to disconnect

Let’s continue with the place, where the Covid-19 crisis has accentuated the change in habits: at home, in the company, but also in third places such as coworking spaces, depending on the tasks to be performed. Since you are available and mobile, the absence of an office should not be an excuse to disconnect …

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Finally comes the device, what the employee works with: virtual meetings, business software, all from a computer, tablet or smartphone. This is for example Karim, working in advertising, answering out of breath while jogging… with his connected watch, because he likes to talk with his hand.

Devices make us augmented beings, and this somewhat dated quote from Bernard Pivot was visionary: “An old dream of man, the conquest of ubiquity lies in a small box within easy reach: the remote control. Unfortunately, by wanting to be everywhere, the zapper is no longer anywhere ” (The profession of reading, Gallimard, 1990).

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