Office against hustle and bustle

For many, it is as if the pandemic is over. Yes, of course, the nuisance of the masks remains, but we are already dancing and having drinks like nothing. And filling stadiums, although in the case of Camp Nou It was not all the fault of the Procicat restrictions, but of the consequences of another virus, the one that attacks the computer with symptoms such as lethargy, boredom, lack of conviction. And more, all those that you want to add. But it comes the classic and it becomes a Barça-Madrid “really”, as Ricard Torquemada says in TdT de Catalunya Ràdio. With a mosaic included, which is not the most colorful in history, but which transports the culé, for a few moments, to the bright side of life. A mirage. Like the whole party. The feeling of seeing an oasis in the background and wishing that this splendid autumn afternoon would be a joy of palm trees and dates. In the first minutes and with the unbridled pressure, with that almost goal from Dest, and with Madrid cornered, the mirage seemed to be true, real. Not with odalisques dancing around the ‘haima’, but with camels drinking at the fountain and a little shade in the desert.

But the reality is there, relentless. The mirage generates fleeting visions and reality is responsible for destroying the house of cards. And the reality is called trade (of Madrid) against hustle and bustle (of Barça). And it’s called speed in the counterattack against purposeless accumulation.

Vaccine against pessimism

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The Barça space It is not the wet dream of the 1,500 million that the joke is going to cost (today, another mirage), but this specific moment that already pushes us more to conformity than to despair. It is a space without time, or with the time of illusions closed, with no other prospects than clinging to the most depraved vices, as my friend Jordi Puntí confessed on Dinamo day. “It is the first time that I can see Barça reading a book.” On your library day, you may have made such a wise decision as well. At the end of the meeting, a drone showed us the image of the very poor old and sad stadium and, in the background, cypresses and the silent graves of the Les Corts cemetery. I would not like to enter the game of metaphors, but you understand me. The director presented us with the royal funeral stamp of the moment.

For some, the pandemic is already a thing of the past, but others warn of the arrival of the Delta Plus, the variant of the English, which threatens to cause new disasters. They say they are going to require a covid passport to enter restaurants and shows. In case of implantation in the Camp Nou, it should be required, in addition, a vaccination certificate against pessimism. Or an antigen test against bloody reality, which doesn’t fix the most useless bloody goal of Kun’s career.

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