The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is asking families to prepare for possible school disruptions Tuesday after Saturday’s major storm.

A letter from Director of Education Camille Williams-Taylor Sunday evening said downed trees, broken branches, and debris are affecting several schools.

“Work has already begun on cleanup, prioritizing the removal of anything that poses a safety risk. Given the breadth of the storm, it may take several weeks to fully complete the cleanup of fallen leaves and broken branches,” Williams-Taylor wrote.

The roof of Castor Valley Elementary School in Greely was damaged Saturday and the school will remain closed for in-person learning when classes resume Tuesday after the long weekend. Families at that school will be notified directly about next steps.

Williams-Taylor says families at other schools should plan ahead.

“At this point, it seems that power outages, transportation services, and safe vehicle/pedestrian access to schools could affect school operations on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. While we are working to re-open schools, families should prepare for the possibility of school and childcare cancellations or closures on Tuesday,” she said.

Williams-Taylor said the school board would have more information for families Monday evening.

St. Monica School on Merivale Road, in the Ottawa Catholic School Board, was also severely damaged Saturday. The school board says the school will move to virtual learning on Tuesday while the damage is assessed.

Saturday’s storm blew through Ottawa with winds of up to 120 km/h, toppling trees and power lines. At least eight people in Ontario and Quebec were killed as the powerful storm moved across the region.

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