Obama Lays First Stone for Chicago Presidential Center

CELEBRATION. He was present at the place with his wife Michelle / EFE

This Tuesday, former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama laid the first stone for the Obama Presidential Center, a project located in Chicago that will have a library, a museum, a plaza and an area for sports.

The context: The center hopes to be ready in five years, a special place for the Democrat, who grew up in the Windy City. Nearby is the University of Chicago, where Obama studied law.

  • Once the project was announced, the controversy did not wait, since it is located in Jackson Park, classified as a historical and untouchable place.
  • It is also estimated that it could cause a displacement of low-income residents in the area.

What do they say?: “We are experiencing a time of rapid disruption of technology in the global economy, in our social conventions and in our environment,” acknowledged former President Obama in his speech on Tuesday.

  • The Democrat called on Americans to go against “politics that fuels anger and resentment.”
  • However, he acknowledged that it is not inevitable “that we succumb to paralysis or mutual hatred or the abandonment of democracy in favor of systems that assumed power.”

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