Monterey, NL. Water and Drainage Services of Monterrey will request the National Water Comission (Conagua), prevent Nuevo León from having to comply in October with the transfer of water from the El Cuchillo Dam, to the Marte R. Gómez reservoir in Tamaulipas, and will ask that the human right to water be guaranteed, commented its head Juan Ignacio Barragán Villarreal.

Director of Water and sewer system recalled that the treaty that was signed on November 13, 1996, indicates that if the Marte R. Gómez dam has a capacity of less than 700 million cubic meters and El Cuchillo has more than 315 million cubic meters, Nuevo León will be obliged to give it water until completing the 700 million cubic meters.

This is due to the fact that when El Cuchillo was built, the availability of water to Irrigation District 026 Bajo Río San Juan, in Tamaulipas, was affected.

The El Cuchillo dam has a capacity of 1,123 million cubic meters, currently its filling is at 44.4%, with 499 million cubic meters, however, as the other two dams of Cerro Prieto and La Boca, are practically dry, it began to extract more water from this reservoir.

The situation was complicated because this weekend there was a leak in El Cuchillo of 600 liters per second, this caused the Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey received only 7 million cubic meters per day, instead of 11 million cubic meters per second, therefore, the local deputies asked SADM to send a Water Resilience Plan, as part of the State Development Plan 2022-2027 and a program of execution.


Governor of Nuevo Leon Samuel Garcia Sepulvedasupervised the daily tables of control and monitoring of water, in the Water and Drainage facilities, as part of the actions to guarantee the supply to the citizens.

For example, to combat the water situation in a timely manner, the president installed since last Sunday, June 19, the daily tables in which the agency, Conagua and the municipalities participate.

The Director of Water and Drainage explained that when reports of lack of water are received, they are captured in the system, and each case is analyzed. Sometimes crews are sent to repair pipes with air or valves, and other times trucks are sent to supply the affected colonies.

The pipes are monitored through a platform via GPS, they have a capacity from 10,000 to 50,000 liters of water.

the hope of rain

On the other hand, Juan Ignacio Barragán announced that this Wednesday there were very important rains in the Cerro Prieto Basin, especially on the Cerro Prieto Dam where around 90 millimeters fell, an encouraging amount that although it will not fill the reservoir, it will will prolong its useful life.

Meanwhile, the weather forecasts for this coming Sunday and the following week are optimistic.


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