Nuevo León suspends cross-border vaccination program due to violence in Tamaulipas

Monterey, NL. The government of Nuevo Leon suspended the Cross-Border Vaccination Program, after shootings and blockades in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, and asked the population not to go towards the two established routes, for the safety of families.

“Due to the security situation that is registered in Tamaulipas, the Ministry of Health suspended this Monday, March 14, border vaccination on its two routes, with the intention of safeguarding the safety of families.”

“We urge citizens who go by private vehicle not to move and to be aware of the announcements that are made,” indicates the statement from the state government.

In context, according to the local press, after midnight, blockades were recorded on two main avenues in Nuevo Laredo, and they allegedly shot at military installations.

In this regard, the Mayor of Nuevo Laredo, Carmen Lilia Canturosas, he mentioned on his Twitter account, “Given the unfortunate events recorded this Monday morning in the city, we ask everyone to take extreme precautions. Some roads are still inaccessible.

“I maintain constant communication with federal and state authorities. I will be reporting. God bless Nuevo Laredo.”

The Hoy Tamaulipas newspaper indicated that unofficially it has been mentioned that the clashes would be related to the arrest of a leader of a criminal organization that operates on this border.

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