Nuevo León is ready to receive investment from suppliers of auto parts for electric vehicles: Iván Rivas

Monterrey, NL. The state of New Lion is prepared to receive investment from auto parts suppliers for the assembly of electric cars. A Korean company that manufactures parts for electric motors has already been installed, and the arrival of another company from Korea, which produces parts for electric motors, is expected, said Iván Rivas Rodríguez, local economy secretary.

I could say that there are suppliers that are already installed in the entity, yesterday I was with one of them in (the municipality of) Guadalupe, the Korean company is called TS, it is developing to sell next year two parts for the electric car engine , and soon another Korean will arrive that is thinking of producing electrical parts for the electric motor, ”said Rivas Rodríguez.

To speed up electric mobility, he said the Nuevo León Automotive Cluster (Claut), is developing second-level suppliers (Tier 2), so that they are ready when the suppliers of the assembly plants (Tier 1) arrive. “What we want is to replace (these auto parts) with local suppliers, because the T1s arrive with their satellite companies.”

He said that they are currently working on attracting projects from Foreign direct investment (IED) for $ 10 billion, which could generate more than 3,000 jobs, yet they are competing with other cities.

For his part, Manuel Montoya Ortega, director of the Claut stressed that every day they receive orders from transnational companies on processes such as plastic injection, machining, casting, aluminum injection and forging, these components are currently brought from Asia and Europe, “today we are looking to replace with local suppliers to reach the percentages of national content “.

He explained that in general the average national content of Mexican components in automobiles is around 15%, while in New Lion, is 30%, because the automotive industry is much more integrated than in other entities, some have only 2% regional content.

The challenge

Carlos Ramos, president of the Supplier Development Committee in the Cluster, and general director of Viakable, commented that the challenge facing the industry of Nuevo León and the entire country is how to quickly incorporate all these technologies to manufacture electric cars.

He cited the case of the company Hertz, which rents cars, who recently announced the purchase of 100,000 electric cars from the manufacturer Tesla.

“This example gives us a signal that it is something already bought in the market; the concern is the speed at which (the demand) can reach, one thing is what we are visualizing and another what can happen, that nobody knows ”. For this reason, the T-MEC rules of origin, the relationship between China and the United States and the interruption of the supply chain due to lack of chips should be taken advantage of, which will promote the regionalization of the supply chain.

They will manufacture an electric vehicle

In turn, Manuel Valdés, president of the Board of the Claut and general director of Questum, a Quimmco subsidiary, assured that the project to manufacture electric commercial vehicles, with E.GO, is going very well, in which around 450 suppliers participate, “which we are going to locate and regionalize for the most part. , there are suppliers that are already in the state and we are working with them in an accelerated way ”.

The fleet of electric commercial cars will be of German design and Mexican manufacture, the plant will begin to be built in 2023 and the following year it could begin to produce these vehicles.


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