Monterey, NL. The state of New Lion has recovered financially from the Covid-19 pandemic. In the first quarter, 45,281 jobs were generated; Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the last quarter of 2021 was 921.7 million dollars and exports reached a record figure of 45.5 billion dollars, assured Iván Rivas Rodríguez, head of the Ministry of Economy of Nuevo León.

He added that by the end of this year the goal is to generate between 86,000 and 88,000 jobs, reach a Foreign direct investment for more than 4,100 million dollars and foreign sales for 47,000 million dollars, if this favorable trend continues.

From January to March, 45,281 jobs were created, more than half of the 86,370 that were created last year,” said Rivas.

“Nuevo León has recovered from the pandemic, in 2020 -60,000 formal jobs were lost, and last year 26,000 jobs were recovered,” the official stressed.

He asserted that the state was the first national place in job creation in 2021, followed by Jalisco (69,632), Quintana Roo (67,203), Mexico City (65,923) and Baja California (60,180) positions.

On the other hand, he said that foreign and national investment continues to reach New Lion and creating more job opportunities. In the fourth quarter of 2021, which was the beginning of the management of the current administration, 921.7 million dollars were raised, which represented a variation of 26.62%, compared to the same period of 2020.

According to the FDI registered in the last quarter, New Lion was placed in the first position, “that is, in the last three months of 2021, 24.3% of the investment reached the state,” he stressed.

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Important investments have arrived this year, including those from Bosch, Kuka Home, Ternium, Manwah and Tata, and this Wednesday, May 11, there will be the announcement of a company that puts the cameras for Tesla electric vehicles.


In terms of exports “we closed 2021 with 45.5 billion dollars, it is a record figure for New Lion” Rivas Rodriguez said.

He emphasized that in the first quarter of the year alone, sales abroad reached 47.4 billion dollars, which represents a growth of 19.6% compared to the same period in 2021, mainly in metal products, power generation equipment and equipment. Of transport.

“We know that there are challenges and a lot of work to do, but in Nuevo León we are doing what corresponds to us to improve the family economy,” he deepened.


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