Nuevo León faces water crisis; government urges citizens to become aware

Monterey, NL. The lack of rain caused two of the main tributaries for the Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey are running out of water, however, citizens seem not to be aware of this scarcity and consume more water than is supplied. The Cerro Prieto dam has 42 days left, while the Dam the Mouth He only has 17 days left, warned Juan Ignacio Barragán Villarreal, head of Monterrey Water and Drainage Services.

“We are not having the expected response, a lot of water continues to be consumed, particularly on hot days and this does bother us a lot, we continue to see people who are watering gardens or washing their cars with a hose, please I ask the public to help us ”, exhorted the official.

The capacity of the dams, Cerro Prieto has a 9.2% filling, with an extraction of 2,084 liters per second and the La Boca Dam has 20.09% of its capacity, with an extraction of 1,891 liters per second, he indicated.

When reviewing the consumption per inhabitant in the Metropolitan Area, on average it is above the necessary consumption calculated by the World Health Organization (WHO), which is 100 liters per day per second.

The general average of the metropolitan area is 165 liters per day, however, there are municipalities such as San Pedro Garza Garcia that spend 301 liters, Monterey spends 177 liters and Santiago spend 186.

Barragán Villarreal explained that this water crisis began in 2015, because it rained and that water was not recovered, and according to forecasts, it is expected to rain between April and May so that the aquifers are recharged.

He assured that water cuts are not being made and explained that while the supply sources reach the southern zone first, because they capture the water from the reservoirs, the vital liquid takes longer to reach the north-west zone, because they only have the aqueducts from Mina, Nuevo Leon.

“We are at the limit, the most affected municipalities are Escobedo, San Nicolás de los Garza and San Bernabé in Monterrey, when consumption rises, the storage tanks decrease and the water takes between 5 and 6 hours to reach this area,” emphasized the director of Water and Drainage.

Well Advance

Work is being done in an accelerated manner to extract water from 22 shallow wells located in the center of Monterrey, but only 11 are in operation, because if you add them all up, the aquifer runs out; the deep wells are already being located, however they take about 10 months to achieve the extraction of water.

“This week we added 7 more wells, thanks to the contribution of citizens and businessmen, there will be 115 wells in total with which it is expected to incorporate 3,034 liters per second.

Another action carried out by Water and Drainage is the combat leaks with which 516 liters per second have been recovered, of these 295 liters per second come from the El Cuchillo aqueduct, 102 liters per second from the Mina I and II aqueducts and 119 recovered from leaks due to sectorization.


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